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It's another post with a skirt! I can't help it!
Some faves were worn for the first haf of the day, went out with some pals to café it up on Hertel ave. These boots from Joie (get 'em here) are insanely comfortable with their perfect wooden platform, I'm ashamed they haven't been as prevalent on my blog as they should be considering how they have such a beloved role in what I normally wear. You can always tell a shoe is made really well when it is super comfortable!

 Another fave is this Gryphon chain skirt that I actually picked up at a sample sale some months back before NYFW in February. I love this thing. Love it. It has a really luxurious quality to it since the chains are so delicately sewn on to it.

I figured I'd go into the makeup I'm donning today since it's basically my go-to, everyday sort of look aside from the lips:

DuWop eye palate in Amber Eyes, Shiseido Perfect Mascara in Brown, NARS Orgasm illuminator, Sephora HD concealer brush, Covergirl In the Buff lipstain, Diorskin concealer

I wish I could splurge on makeup on a normal basis, but most of this came into my life either from Fashion Week gift bags (excellent, EXCELLENT marketing if I might say so, it makes me want to afford things) or birthday gift cards (also excellent).

 I never wear eyeshadow really, but this DuWop palate is the best and only thing I use to make my eyes flashy. I really hate wearing makeup that is anything but a natural, nude color (except when it comes to lipstick), so brown eyeliner, brown mascara all the way! The Orgasm Illuminator is a cult favorite for a reason! I got this tube from the HONOR F/W gift bag and it is a lifesaver! Nothing looks more alluring and healthy on my skin than this does! It looks great on lips too!

And now, off to the supermarket sans platform booties!!


  1. Those shoes have such an interesting shape

    x Camilla


  2. gorgeous skirt! I love how you make it more casual with the denim vest and layered accesories!

    XO Sahra

  3. LOVE this skirt! :)


  4. you really rock these denim vests. when I tried on a couple of those, I looked like "DON'T!"

  5. You're sooo beautiful ! =D <3

  6. Loving the evil eye bracelet and rings.

  7. We want your vest!


  8. love all the accessories in this outfit!

    x Davina


  9. LOVE this look! It's the perfect balance of layering! And I'm obsessed with your antelope ring :)



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