Florally Reunited


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Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Last three images by the awesome Rachel, edited by moi

Forever 21 white blouse and dress, Tramp floral blouse, thrifted cargo jacket, Dad's former belt, Restricted boots

Yep, I got a haircut. SO needed it. I feel way more comfortable now and more like myself!

So you might've noticed that I'm not wearing anything I packed. That's because after coming back to my apartment here in Manhattan, I remembered I had a whole mess of clothes I decided to leave behind for the cooler fall weather. I was too excited to be reunited with my clothes, so despite the 70ยบ+ weather, you best believe I layered like a champ.


  1. I like very much the mixture which you made very attractive

  2. Your haircut looks nice. I adore the floral blouse, it is so pretty!

  3. wow, gorgeous summer layering!

    XO Sahra



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