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omg I'm a teen witch

Before I go on and on about my nails, I need to take a moment to say how proud I am of myself to have found this super kitschy retro velvet diary in the thrift store yesterday. In my head I was like OMG IT'S GONNA SIT ON MY DRESSER SO PRETTILY AND I'M GOING TO PRETEND I'M IN BYE, BYE BIRDIE!!

Whether or not I'm going to ruin it with my secretive gobbeldygook is something I have yet to think about


okay, now that that's out of the way,

I'm kinda excited since this is like, my first beauty review on my blog (!!)

This manicure. I love Sally Hansen.
I came across these nail polish strips in CVS tonight and nearly died of cool-overload. I got 'em, came home, and in 10 minutes my manicure was complete & it wasn't terribly complicated. I just had to take my time & be careful not to rip the strips as I pressed them onto my nails (btdubs, they're actually made from nail polish, these aren't decals)



They come in some other great patterns too like houndstooth and black lace (omg next!). Seriously suggesting anyone to go ahead & try these out & wear them as fabulously as they possibly can!








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Some sparkly sights from Accessorize USA's opening, Keiko & I are the first to arrive & Taking advantage of the Club Monaco photobooth with Christina & Audrey

OH, how I am behinddd!!! Apologies, classes just started & I have had some serious reading to indulge in, not to mention having to deal with the massive amounts of snow that were just dumped on NYC. So yes, these photos are a tad behind schedule as the events happened last week, however these are much more fun to post about than, let's say my classes on the anthropology of art & copyright laws.

If you're from Europe, particularly the UK, you already know a ton about Accessorize & their totally adorable offerings of totally adorable accessories. Well, now us New Yorkers can indulge in the same cuteness as y'all do since two have already opened here. I was dying over the enamel pendants

And the next night, Club Monaco (which I already posted about) totally made for a kickass night with an awesome spring collection (shot by Ryan McGinley no less!) and, uhh... a photobooth! As you can imagine, the booth had a line the entire evening. As you can also tell, I cannot be serious as soon as I step into a photobooth.

OH! And my interview is up on Smashion.com today! So excited to share it with you guys:











Men's Hurley t-shirt, Bird by Juicy Couture blazer, GLO cargos, thrifted belt, Charlotte Russe heels, thrifted necklace & clutch, rings via Accessorize USA & a street vendor in London

I wore this to an event at Club Monaco this past week (photos soon!) and I am so clad I brought these heels to college! They have AMAZING traction especially in the snow! These cargos are also completely awesome, I actually kept my camera in the clutch that evening and all my personal stuff (cards, money, metro card ect..) in one of the side pockets! Woohoo for convenience!

And this necklace is probably my find of the century at the moment, it's simple, chic and goes with absolute everything! I found it at the Cure thrift shop here in NYC, a great store that my mom used to take me to when I was younger to look at amazing retro furniture and clothes, I almost always pick up something great when I pay them a visit!


My camera & I back when it was warmer...




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Corpus romper, Bird by Juicy Couture blazer (my favorite), random boutique scarf, Chie Mihara heels, My dad's Minolta SRT 201

Yay! Rachel Scroggins ran into me on 2nd ave a while back when I was taking some photos around the city & she shot this for Racked.com! see more of her awesome work here:http://www.flickr.com/photos/rachel_photo/

I love my Minolta camera, it was my dad's when he was in college and he passed it unto me when I decided to take up photography. I really, truly treasure this little machine








LAWL, I promise, despite my expression in the photo, I’m not a miserable human being





American Apparel leggings, thrifted blouse, Endovanera cardigan, vintage shoes, Max Studio poncho, thrifted belt, vintage Hamilton watch, thrifted sunglasses

Packing up to go back to NYC this week. I'm mentally preparing myself for my second semester since I changed my major from Photography to Design History & Theory. I'm kind of anxious considering how my first semester was (to put it lightly) totally out of place. I still enjoy photography and I certainly passed all my classes, however photo just wasn't the direction I wanted to go in since my blog has become my main means of personal growth.

ANWHOS, I went out in this number today. Nothing special, just got some warm comfort food & walked about a bit (yes, i am wearing socks)

My lipcolor is brought to you by Stila's UHH-MAZING Long Wear Lipcolor in Paramour. It's pretty difficult for me to wear red lipstick with my hair color and all, but this stuff is totally the bees' knees. It wears perfectly all day and the color is bombtastic!!

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thrifted sunglasses & trench, F21 poncho & cardigan, Jcrew belt, We Who See booties (booties,booties,booties rockin' everywhere),Jordache (thrifted) jeans, Bag c/o Coach


And that's what layering is for! I remember seeing this poncho in Forever 21 last year thinking "Huh, I think if I wear that it'll be like wearing a blanket..." And indeed I was correct. This thing is so dang warm, if it wasn't so awkward under my shorter coats, I'd be wearing it all the time. I was happy to be reunited with it when i came back home for break.

The jeaans were a super cool find. I love the cropped fit and detailing with the closures in the back. They surprisingly look super polished especially when I want to opt for jeans for an event that's slightly dressy.

And ohhhhhhhhh how I love this bag. Coach was beyond generous enough to gift me this bag for the Holiday Campaign party, and I can't stop wearing it! I use it for literally everything, which is starting to show a little since...you know.. white leather...

YOWZA! Last week here until I'm back off to NYC for school and stuff. Here's to sticking it out in the cold!

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Some Kind of Genius


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Holy beans, you guys, this is seriously, seriously awesome.

I wanted to dedicate this post to a brand that I am for reals in love with, and that brand is Warby Parker.

A few years back, some dudes met and agreed that eyewear is seriously overpriced, and, on the whole, seriously boring to shop for. These dudes went on to establish Warby Parker- an eyewear company that sort of rebells against the industry by making prescription glasses for UNDER $100 at the same exact quality and even COOLER styles as "boutique" quality eyewear.

In my opinion, this is like, the best idea, ever. I have been wearing glasses since the 3rd grade, and nothing is more of a strain than trying to find awesome glasses that fit your face perfectly. WP's designs are based off of vintage styles, which is beyond awesome. I was thoroughly pleased with the pair I got, they're the exact same quality (if not better) than my Dolce & Gabbana frames.

So here's how it works:

1.You pick your favorite glasses from their site (you can use their virtual try-on application to try them on, virtually) and all of them come with prescription lenses for a grand totale of $95

here are s'more of my faves from the collection:

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2. Ya choose your prescription and you get them shipped to you for FREE

3.If you like them, you keep them, if not, you get to send them back for free and exchange them to the ones you prefer.


For every pair you purchase, they will give an additional pair to charity.



So, yeah and with more exciting news to come, like a line of sunglasses coming out soon and a whole new collection coming even sooner (January 19th!) there's a lot to be jumping for joy for, like this super chic collection for Steven Allen that will be produced through the end of February:

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but still, if you're not completely convinced, here's something to take note of:

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(Photos taken at WP's HQ in Manhattan)



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