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omg I'm a teen witch

Before I go on and on about my nails, I need to take a moment to say how proud I am of myself to have found this super kitschy retro velvet diary in the thrift store yesterday. In my head I was like OMG IT'S GONNA SIT ON MY DRESSER SO PRETTILY AND I'M GOING TO PRETEND I'M IN BYE, BYE BIRDIE!!

Whether or not I'm going to ruin it with my secretive gobbeldygook is something I have yet to think about


okay, now that that's out of the way,

I'm kinda excited since this is like, my first beauty review on my blog (!!)

This manicure. I love Sally Hansen.
I came across these nail polish strips in CVS tonight and nearly died of cool-overload. I got 'em, came home, and in 10 minutes my manicure was complete & it wasn't terribly complicated. I just had to take my time & be careful not to rip the strips as I pressed them onto my nails (btdubs, they're actually made from nail polish, these aren't decals)



They come in some other great patterns too like houndstooth and black lace (omg next!). Seriously suggesting anyone to go ahead & try these out & wear them as fabulously as they possibly can!


yamina beyondURclothes said...

like the diary so old school :)

xx, yamina.

ShameOnPretzel said...

OMG - I am so jealous of you right now.

I don't think they carry those Salon Effects nails in least, not yet.

CP and Jo said...

Wow, thanks for continuing to tell us about great product/website reviews! Your nails look so professional...i'm def going to CVS today. :-)

<3 Jo

Becky-May said...

What a cool find! And the nails look awesome!

The Flower Girl


Sofia said...

Those nails are fabulous! I walked by some in Walgreen's yesterday and almost bought them.

Alicia said...

Oh i love the nails! It also looks like Deborah Lipman Happy Birthday - I want to try these stick ons though!

Gracinha said...

Cool pics !! Thanks for your lovely comment :)

following you :)



pancakeSTACKER said...

I was just about to ask what kind of nail polish you were wearing! Nail strips, huh?? They look absolutely awesome! I bet their less messier than normal nail polish too. Thanks for sharing :)

Hope you will stop by again soon!

Cowbiscuits said...

cute diary! Those nails are amazinggg!! xx

V. said...

stunning nails!!
I like your blog so much!
I follow you.
visit my blog and if u like it do the same, follow me.
I'm expecting for you!
thanks, v

Victoria said...

That diary is so cute and your nails look AMAZING! I definitely need to try these nail strips out (I'm so behind the times with nails!)

I've checked out the rest of your blog and I love it and you are gorgeous, so I'm your newest follower xxx

katerina said...

Wow! Those nails are fierce! and I love your diary too!

April said...

Those are awesome! I might need to try some!

alexandra grecco said...

ooooo! loverly!


paola said...

I want that nail polish!
and I LOVE your hair colour

Sherrie Cola said...

Very nice :)

LIGH✝Sdrivemysoul said...

Lovve these shots, your eyes are so blue! & I've been dying to try out the black glitter insta-polish

BlueVanilla said...

HA! I tried these for new years...super awesome and last!

Enter my M.A.C Giveaway!

BrennasFashionBeat said...

I love the pics and just bought the "nail polish" at CVS, going to go put it on now!
Check out my fashion blog: BrennasFashionBeat and follow if you like!

Mouthwash said...

some of these shots are sooooo very Cindy Sherman. I love it!!


sojourned in style said...

your nails look like glitter heaven. I will defitnely be testing these out. lace sounds gorgeous. that diary is such a great find, pink of course!


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