thrifted sunglasses & trench, F21 poncho & cardigan, Jcrew belt, We Who See booties (booties,booties,booties rockin' everywhere),Jordache (thrifted) jeans, Bag c/o Coach


And that's what layering is for! I remember seeing this poncho in Forever 21 last year thinking "Huh, I think if I wear that it'll be like wearing a blanket..." And indeed I was correct. This thing is so dang warm, if it wasn't so awkward under my shorter coats, I'd be wearing it all the time. I was happy to be reunited with it when i came back home for break.

The jeaans were a super cool find. I love the cropped fit and detailing with the closures in the back. They surprisingly look super polished especially when I want to opt for jeans for an event that's slightly dressy.

And ohhhhhhhhh how I love this bag. Coach was beyond generous enough to gift me this bag for the Holiday Campaign party, and I can't stop wearing it! I use it for literally everything, which is starting to show a little know.. white leather...

YOWZA! Last week here until I'm back off to NYC for school and stuff. Here's to sticking it out in the cold!

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  1. Hey! gorgeous outfit :)

    I have a question, and I know it might be a bit lame, but do your shoes get wrecked when you wear them on the snow??

    (Pardon my Australian ignorance, I have to drive 8 hours to go skiing and you literally get out of the car park and onto the mountain, it barely ever snows where you aren't wearing ski boots... lol)

  2. Thanksa Felicité! No problem answering your question, I completely understand your curiosity!

    Usually For cold weather I prep my boots with a scotchguard spray that keeps the boots super water-proof and dry. It also protects them from salt damage, which is great. Sometimes it wears off after a while, but prepping one's boots is indeed a must in such cold weather.

    I'm so jealous of your sun! It must be beautiful!

  3. Gosh, you're so pretty and I adore the color of your skin, so flawless! Love this look, too :)

  4. WAW so perfect outfit one of my fav on your blog !!

  5. PERFECT outfit!!!

  6. Loving those jeans so so much, what a great find! And you look so warm with all the layers!


  7. the title to this post is adorable. I love your whole outfit and can't believe what great items you found! The jacket, sunglasses, and jeans? Amazing. xx

  8. I love that jacket, it really ties the whole look and i really love your hair like that.

  9. LOVE all of the layering, so nice :)


  10. Your outfit looks fantastic. I love all of the layering and the detailing on the back of your jeans.

  11. like the unique design on those jeans!

  12. oh how i love and covet those jeans! i am of the opinion that all pants should have some kind of buttons/hooks on the back so that you can wear them skinny or make them looser. and denim covered buttons are more than i could have ever imagined. ~joelle

  13. Not to sound creepy or anything, but I like your nose.

  14. Super! Love ur hair too :))

    U;ve got a new follower missy! xx

  15. Hello.

    usually I comments about the outfit,but I have to say..
    one,your blog header scared me when I first opened the page for some just popped out of nowhere.haha

    second.every valentines day I wish my hair was red because it just goes so perfectly.lucky you.

  16. its snowing SO much here.
    I love your pants, that entire outfit is really adorable.

  17. Your layering is without a doubt some of the BEST I have ever seen. The buttons on the back of your jeans is so cool- I love them!

  18. you look great! love the layering, & the jean is an amazing fit on you! gorgeous bag! stay warm!!

  19. You look so cute in this outfit! and the snow looks terribly frightful~ I think you should tie up your hair more often! It looks really good! :]


  20. me encanta el detalle de los pantalones!(L)


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