My camera & I back when it was warmer...




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Corpus romper, Bird by Juicy Couture blazer (my favorite), random boutique scarf, Chie Mihara heels, My dad's Minolta SRT 201

Yay! Rachel Scroggins ran into me on 2nd ave a while back when I was taking some photos around the city & she shot this for! see more of her awesome work here:

I love my Minolta camera, it was my dad's when he was in college and he passed it unto me when I decided to take up photography. I really, truly treasure this little machine


  1. Is that photo of you taken with the camera your dad gave you? That's a treasure right there. :)

    I love the blazer and scarf! Your whole look meshes together! <3

  2. Wow, Rachel's photography is awesome. Love your outfit, and really quite jealous of the hand-me-down camera!


  3. Oh, what a true treasure you have here! Inherited items are always so special. :) The blazer is beautiful on you, and gosh, I just absolutely adore your socks! The whole look is perfect on you, and it totally brings out your gorgeous hair. Man, I could go on and on, but I'm working on cutting my rambling just a bit. Hah, anyways though, you are truly my fashion idol, and I cannot wait to see your next post!

    xoxo Tami at

    PS. your friend is beyond talented at photography!:)

  4. love this outfit especially teamed with the socks x

  5. youre pretty, love your camera!

  6. Awesome post! Thanks for the photo shout out. :) I just saw your link on the StyleList bloggers page. Your nyfw photos look great! It was fun hanging out at so many of the shows with you.



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