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I always run into trouble when it comes to my appearance. Whether it's waking up late for class without time to do my makeup or hair, forgetting a step in my routine or just plain laziness, I always have moments where I look into a mirror and notice something's amiss.

In this installment of Frizz Free Friday, I thought I'd throw out some tricks I've learned to use when i'm having a beauty crisis and I'm low on time or in a pinch, like...

Curling flat hair with a straightener 
I don't straighten my hair ('cause it's nearly impossible), but having my tiny Cricket friction free straightener comes in mighty handy when my hair needs a pick-me-up. Generally used for travel or for bangs, this little guy is great in a pinch. When my 'do is seriously lackluster, I just pick my hair (with un pick, also from Cricket) and loosely wind a few sections around the irons for a few seconds. I then secure the curls with MorrocanOil hairspray et voilá!




**Note to loosely wind your hair around the iron to keep things from getting that fresh-outta-the-90's crimped look, unless you're going for that, then be my guest.

Quick Dry a Manicure
Since I'm so addicted to consuming media, it's hard for me to keep my hands still and avoid using the computer even after I've attempted an at-home manicure. To dry my nails SUPER fast, after painting them I'll dunk them in ice cold water for about 2 minutes, and although it's super cold and a little painful for a hot second (Ha! See what I did there??!?), the polymers in the nail polish harden super quickly in the icy water. Using cooking spray can also do the trick, but I usually don't go this route 'cause I don't like greasin' up my keyboard, ya dig?


Oh Crap, a Zit
We get them. It happens. I'm currently in the midst of finals, so I'm breaking out a ton from stress! The key to healing a zit fast is drying it out, so you have a couple of options. One being you could crush up an asprin, mix it with a little water and dab it on. Asprin has a bit of salicylic acid in it, so that can reduce a spot. Eye drops are also actually kind of amazing for reducing redness. But the product I love above all others is Happy Me Skincare's Overnight Pimple Eliminator. Ohhh dudes, I love this SO much!! I've used a lot of similar products like Mario Badescu's Drying Lotion, which totally does the job just as well, only Happy Me's formula is sold in drugstores (most of the time), costs $9 instead of $20, doesn't run down your face or flake off and smells a WHOLE lot better thanks to the botanical oils it contains. It's meant to be used overnight, but I usually also use it to reduce the size of a zit when I'm just chillin' around my apartment and doing homework. Zits are gone in a DAY.


Other Quick Fixes:

-Chew some parsley when you don't have any mints in a restaurant, the chlorophyll kills bad breath bacteria (or "Triple-B" as I like to call it)
-And while you're there, pick up a matchbook, the strike pad makes for a great nail file
-Warm up your eyelash curler quickly with your hairdryer for a longer-lasting dramatic curl for your lashes
-Feeling dull and looking like it? Bend over as far as you can from the waist and just hold for 30 or so seconds. Gets your blood moving!
-If you're not liking a heavy or spicy scent that you sprayed on, cut it with a citrus scent
-To make your lips look fuller, apply an orangey or brighter hue in the middle of your lips and blend

Enjoy, guys :]


  1. My god. That nail polish tip will save me many a scary nail day. Keeping off the computer is near impossible!


  2. I agree with Zoey - that nail polish tip is freaking fantastic!!

  3. Thank you for sharing your secrets/ tips with us, I love them!!

  4. it is crazy how the cold water trick actually works! I didn't believe it at first but I tried it out last week when I did my weekly manicure and it worked! crazy


  5. Hey dear...
    I'm coming to say hi and say that I'm with a new blog...this time just me and me.

    I'm already bloglovin' you....again. =D

  6. Oh yay! Thanks for the nail drying tip. I always screw up my nails before they dry!

  7. totally going to cooking spray my fingerssssssss



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