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thrifted shirt and blazer, F21 skirt and shoes

Back home for Thanksgiving until monday & I'm completely content. My dad always told me that your first Thanksgiving after college starts is always memorable, and I can definitely agree. I'm already sifting through my old bedroom for pieces to keep me warm back in NYC, including this blazer that I have been dying to have back in my life for months!

And also, Today's post was my last on Stylesip! It was such a fun opportunity and I definitely had fun not only styling some fun pieces, but also sharing a bit on my background and my day-to-day life. Don't forget to check back for Hollyanneaeree's posts in December and Lindsey of Saucy Glossie's posts in January!


Curlygirl for Life!!


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Is it weird that I love sitting in these hairdryers? I feel like one of those ladies from the 50's getting their poufs perfected oh so glamorously

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So I got my hair cut yesterday at the nirvana that is Devachan salon and I'll put it to you this way: There was my life before Devachan, and my life after Devachan.

I know it sounds extreme, but oh my gawd, you guys. My life has changed! That's it!

Dennis, one of the co-founders of the salon is world-renowned for his amazing ability to bring the most out of anyone's curls, and he taught me so much! Before my hair routine was super limited since I was sort of intimidated by hair products that generally didn't enhance my hair in any particular manner. Gels made my hair crunchy and close to my head, mousse wasn't ever light enough...I would just wash my hair, condition it, and leave it at that, no touching it while it dried.

So, fellow curly girls, here's some advice that I acquired at Devachan that I pass unto you:

-Curly har is naturally thirsty! It's best to only wash your hair only once or twice a week to keep your natural scalp oils on your hair, which will lock moisture in your hair and keep it from frizzing!

-Dry your hair with an old T-shirt rather than a towel, it doesn't absorb as much moisture out of your hair

-It's best to avoid shampoos that lather too much and have sulfates in them ( harsh detergents that are generally put in hair cleansing products). These strip your hair A LOT

-If you use hair products, keep them light to avoid weighing your hair down


-while it is drying, clip your hair at the roots to create little "mountains" this gives your hair a ton of volume and keeps it from drying flat


Hope this was helpful! If you are in NYC and want to bring the most of your curls, check out Devachan HERE

Oh, and btdubs, their Arc AnGEL hair gel is the most amazing thing since Jack McCollough met Lazaro Hernandez. It's the lightest, most wonderful thing to enhance your springs. Definitely worth trying out


Cotton Optimism


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Tee c/o Le Petit Petit, Wetseal vest, assorted vintage necklaces, Reiss jeans, Aldo boots

Photos 3-5 courtesy of the awesomeness that is Taylor

Sooo what do you get when you put 2 Parsons photo students in a studio with a laptop full of hawt beats, a makeup artist, a gold tube dress, a smoke machine and a seriously kickass ring from OAK?

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like, seriously awesome

You get gnarlitude.
So my adorably awesome friend Taylor who I met at the Coach Holiday launch happens to be a photo Sophomore at Parsons, and he asked me to be his model for one of his latest projects! We took advantage of the Parsons studios and had a blast. I always love photoshoots, and I've definitely noticed that the greatest shoots are the ones with the most laughter in between shots. This was definitely one of those shoots.

On a side note, uhm, this tee is AWESUHHM! It reminds me of motto shirts from the 70's. Can't complain about the boyfriend fit either! I' strongly suggest y'all click at Le Petit Petit's Blog for some great and beautiful inspiration!


Joy to the World, COACH Hath Come!


This is it, you guys! After months of anticipation and counting down the days 'till holiday cheer starts to hang in the air, today is the day that Coach's Blogger Holiday Campaign launches! I am beyond thrilled and excited to share this with all of you, it was such an honor to be featured along with so many respected and unbelievably talented bloggers!

I hope you guys like what you see! Take a peek at the other bloggers' profiles and share in the holiday spirit!

To see a video of myself from the campaign, in all my ostrich feather-clad claireness, see HERE!

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hooray for awkward still shots!

I'm sort of in disbelief. Never in my life did I anticipate such amazing things to come from blogging and just following what I was passionate about. I am so excited to see what the future brings, and I am most excited about being able to share it with all of you!


Stylesip Update!


In other news...

I just did a post on Stylesip about dorm life, being vestastic (yes, we make up new words from time-to-time, you know you do it too), Thanksgiving traditions & more! Yays!

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Jambangee vest,Thrifted Zara Men's sweater, BONGO thermal, Torn dress, F21 legwear, Restricted Shoes

It's icky in NYC today. Normally I'll only break out cocoon outerwear is when we get especially weird & cold weather. This Jambangee vest is groovy for 2 reasons: it was MASSIVE pockets that I can hibernate my hands in when I'm outside, and its hood is also roomy and nice. Winter ahoy!

The downside with these things is that the material can obviously be tricky to wear. This has a very subtle houndstooth pattern which I like, but I think it's best to only wear it with the most basic of basics, trying not to overcomplicate things.

so in the end, giving this vest an 8/10 for how unbelievably comfortable it is.



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Bongo cropped sweater, dad's belt, thrifted skirt, assorted vintage necklaces (in shot 3), Restricted boots

Trying my best to work my surroundings these days, it's so hard to make things interesting in such a small space!

Man it's COLD out, dude. My friends and I walked down the street and screamed in unison as we all noticed our breath hanging visibly in the air. Here comes the holidays!

OOH! Check out my newest post on Stylesip HERE!

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(talkin' about what I'm daydreaming about theses days)
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(outfit post!)

(get to know my hectic, hectic college life schedule & watch me blink weird)


It's Me, Actin' a Fool


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These are actually my favorite shoes at the moment, no lie. Get 'em HURR

Ladies & Gents, this is your chance to act a fool and get some cool stuff for doing so!

The Aldo Dance! contest is going on now, and all you need to do is slip on those dancin' shoes, make a video to ‘Sweet Sixteen’ by ‘Think About Life’ , and post it to Aldo for a chance to win $2,500! you don't even need to be a good dancer, believe me, I know because I uploaded a video as an example

Now, I'm not actually entered into the contest, but as you can see, you don't need to be an amazing dancer to have fun!

So upload if you can & have fun doing it!


Holy Craaaaap! Coach holiday Sneak Peek!


Is it really November? Seriously, when did this happen?
As many of you may have noticed, sotres have been prematurely hosting sales of holiday items already, and holiday cheer is starting to creep up on all of us, ready to pounce once Thanksgiving rolls around. This, dear friends, I cannot complain about. I LOVE this time of year!

On that note, I'm kind of losing my mind with excitement, you guys! The Coach holiday campaign this season is featuring bloggers and vloggers showcasing the new holiday collection! I was one of the lucky 10 able to model the collection in the latest campaign! SOO Surreal!

The collection doesn't actually come out to play until November 17th, however, if you're in NYC, Coach will be throwing a little shindig on the 12th showcasing the new collection, and all of us bloggers will be there! Join us if you can, it'll be a blast for sure!

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Here's a little preview of what i was wearing in the campaign, of course, my hair was EXTRA curly:

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As an extra fun tidbit, here's a fun & awesome video showcasing all of us discussing the holidays, gift giving, tinsel and more! Fun fact: that thing around my shoulders is ONE ostrich feather!

Enjoy everyone! More exciting news to come!




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So I mentioned a few posts back that I've been working on something with Stylesip, and now I get to tell y'all about it! Woo!

So myself, Holly of Hollyannaree and Lindsey of Saucyglossie are all blogging for Stylesip during November, December and January respectively, and it's pretty intense!

So basically we get to do the whole blogger-styles-clothing scthick, but that's only a 1/3 of what we have to blog about. What's really great is that we get to post blog entries about our lives and give other various life lessons. Every week in November I'll be making 3 entries.

Things to come from me: Tips on living in a college dorm, how to maintain curly/ red hair, how to Manage a long distance relationship and more!

right now I've posted 25 facts about me and some history from the world of Claire. See more Hurr:

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Let me know what you guys think!

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