Joy to the World, COACH Hath Come!


This is it, you guys! After months of anticipation and counting down the days 'till holiday cheer starts to hang in the air, today is the day that Coach's Blogger Holiday Campaign launches! I am beyond thrilled and excited to share this with all of you, it was such an honor to be featured along with so many respected and unbelievably talented bloggers!

I hope you guys like what you see! Take a peek at the other bloggers' profiles and share in the holiday spirit!

To see a video of myself from the campaign, in all my ostrich feather-clad claireness, see HERE!

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hooray for awkward still shots!

I'm sort of in disbelief. Never in my life did I anticipate such amazing things to come from blogging and just following what I was passionate about. I am so excited to see what the future brings, and I am most excited about being able to share it with all of you!

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  1. Happy for you. Love your picture really gorgeous good luck!

  2. Gorgeous picture! And your video was really lovely!

  3. That black and white photo of you is stunning, you are beautiful.

  4. I love love that first image.

  5. looooved watching your video!

  6. congrats! the coach campaign was the first i heard of you. i'm sure it'll help attract many new readers :) you're gorgeous, by the way.

  7. you're so radiant! beautiful pictures.

  8. You're absolutely gorgeous in this video! Congrats!

  9. jaw dropped when i saw your comment on my blog, i was like she looks so familiar! then i remembered your feature on the coach campaign



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