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Is it weird that I love sitting in these hairdryers? I feel like one of those ladies from the 50's getting their poufs perfected oh so glamorously

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So I got my hair cut yesterday at the nirvana that is Devachan salon and I'll put it to you this way: There was my life before Devachan, and my life after Devachan.

I know it sounds extreme, but oh my gawd, you guys. My life has changed! That's it!

Dennis, one of the co-founders of the salon is world-renowned for his amazing ability to bring the most out of anyone's curls, and he taught me so much! Before my hair routine was super limited since I was sort of intimidated by hair products that generally didn't enhance my hair in any particular manner. Gels made my hair crunchy and close to my head, mousse wasn't ever light enough...I would just wash my hair, condition it, and leave it at that, no touching it while it dried.

So, fellow curly girls, here's some advice that I acquired at Devachan that I pass unto you:

-Curly har is naturally thirsty! It's best to only wash your hair only once or twice a week to keep your natural scalp oils on your hair, which will lock moisture in your hair and keep it from frizzing!

-Dry your hair with an old T-shirt rather than a towel, it doesn't absorb as much moisture out of your hair

-It's best to avoid shampoos that lather too much and have sulfates in them ( harsh detergents that are generally put in hair cleansing products). These strip your hair A LOT

-If you use hair products, keep them light to avoid weighing your hair down


-while it is drying, clip your hair at the roots to create little "mountains" this gives your hair a ton of volume and keeps it from drying flat


Hope this was helpful! If you are in NYC and want to bring the most of your curls, check out Devachan HERE

Oh, and btdubs, their Arc AnGEL hair gel is the most amazing thing since Jack McCollough met Lazaro Hernandez. It's the lightest, most wonderful thing to enhance your springs. Definitely worth trying out


  1. I looove ur hair! so amazing :)

  2. I'm a frequent visitor of your blog but this is the first time i posted a comment..
    As a fellow curly girl i'm well aware of all the styling/do's and dont's but i've always tought that your hair was beautiful...
    I think i liked your hair more before than after, because no you're missing quite a lot of volume on the sides and that is something i think you look best in!

  3. You are one of the most beautiful people I've ever seen! I honestly don't believe I have ever seen better red hair, or curly hair, than your's!


  4. Excellent! I like the "hair mountain" tip. I had watched a video the other day and they recommended that and I was going to try it, now that I've seen it again, I for sure will do it! :)

    Might I say, your hair is gorgeous! Aww.. it's like perfect red curly hair.

  5. Just dropping by to say thanks again for your help on my project.

    I've been wanting to go to Devachan for SO long and you've definitely inspired me to book an appointment!



  6. i love those hairdryers too! super cute pics, and great hair :) xx

  7. So great to finally see something about curly hair. Actually your featured on my blog in "curly girlys" because...
    I LOVE YOUR HAIR! I mean you have red curly hair, its so gorgeous! I'm also a curly girly and I've tryed that Devacurl stuff, I like it but I'll stick to my aussie. I can't believe you didn't use product before that! Your hair always looked perfect! And as for the tips. They were all great, except for the volume one, I got plenty of that.:D

  8. It's so nice to see someone embracing their curls instead of straightening them. It makes you look hella cool.
    And thanks for the tips, too.

  9. Oh my gosh! You're the cutest thing! CURLY HAIRED GIRLS UNITE!! HA Girl I'm feeling ya on the hair tips! Everyone mentioned I already follow and they make such a difference! By the way, red hair is my favorite so now you're officially my favorite red curly haired blogger! For sure following! Come by my blog some time, i'd love to share hair tips and fashion love!

    Raeshelle (Your brunette curly haired blogger!)

  10. I love your curls. A couple weeks ago I took your pictures into my hair dresser & got them to cut my hair into that style. It's so hard to find good examples of curly hair styles on the internet.

  11. Great pictures. Thanks for the hair tips - I also have short curly and it is always a daily surprise how it will look.



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