From School to Taking Photos in my Attic


Yay! Myself and my fellow weardrobe conference goers have been featured on the Modcloth blog Modlife!
We were all sent the awesome weardrobe LBD to style up, it was indeed fun

I've been totally dying for a pair of over-the-knee or thigh-high boots for ages, and finally, I think I found a pair that I can afford if I managed to save up enough... Behold: Photobucket

Jeffery Cambpell
I mean, they're totally Rodarte knockoffs, but rarely can a high school student afford bondage-esque awesomeness for under $200

For the Blog
It's kinda funny how accessories can completely change the vibe of an outfit

switch the backpack & add on a few gazillion bracelets and...
For the Blog

Okay, so the change isn't that extreme, but I can't carry my text books in such a tiny clutch and all those bracelets would have sounded like a sword fight in the middle of math class...

For the Blog For the Blog For the Blog

For the Blog

Another note, the chignon happened completely by accident. Life is good

Plaid Blouse-Oscar de la Renta (thrifted)
Pleated Skirt-thrifted
Leather/beaded belt-Ralph Lauren
Sneaker Wedges-BCBG
Silk bag-Gap
Backpack-Urban Outfitters


Oh, and something I forgot to mention in my last post:
Apart from the amazing lighter-than-air dresses,the smoke bubbles at Galliano's show blew.my.mind.




Just sayin'...
It's kind of absurd how badly I need to get a haircut at the moment..hence the messy updo
I've been absolutely buried in work lately, I've been working on this college course paper all week. I can't wait 'till I actually graduate high school and then GET to college so I can do these ridiculous papers in EVERY CLASS! -_-
I desperately need a break...

Sooooo, I friggin' love Arabelle with the fiery passion of a thousand suns?

Looks like Thierry Mugler's gonna get more work outta this ordeal








I don't really know how this ensemble originally came to mind

The green mesh jacket is a particularly interesting piece that I picked up at an army/navy surplus store, it honestly reminds me of a shredded tee

Necklaces-all vintage
Mosquito netting jacket-Army/Navy supply store (vintage)
Buckle Jacket-Tripp NYC

here are the faves from Fashion Week...the delay is ridonkulous, I know
but there is always time for beautiful clothes,right?

Phoebe Philo really went back to her roots. She described this collection was "contemporary minimalism", and I just found it to be SUCH a refreshing collection.

Gotta love Max Azria. I'm a sucker for belted waists, so this collection certainly made me weak in the knees. Femininity...ahhh...

Phillip Lim
How cool is this collection?! Very L.A., methinks. There's touches of skater/surfer culture in the clothes, and along with those amazing lace pieces, this would be my ultimate goal in pulling off and dressing for spring/summer

Doo.Ri was probably my favorite from NY. It confuses me almost. Here's a collection for spring and summer, with a palate that was totally muted with barely any color. There's something I find very eerily beautiful about it. And I couldn't help but love those gathered/cinched dresses like ca-raaazayyyy

Miu Miu
Where the hell do I begin??? The prints, the textures, the girliness...I could go on forever on how brilliant this collection was. It oozed elements from the 60's and 90's between the long lapels and chunky platforms. And holy lord, those blouses? Don't even get me started. It was divine

Peter Som

I am SO in love with Som's prints. This collection surprised me with its wearability. There's also a beachy quality that i'm diggin'.


Miuccia blows my mind consistently almost every season. I fell hard for Fall 2009, and I'm floored by this collection as well. Bike shorts were everywhere from LV to Alexander Wang, but the pairs in this collection were my favorite out of the lot.

Proenza Schouler
last but not least for sure. The pops of cobalt were gorgeous in PS's palate. The usual sporty elements were present along with some really awesome tailored blazers and pants.


Balmainia & my Seventeen interview!


This post comes to you in two parts

1. An interview I did with Seventeen magazine is up today on their awesome style blog!

'tis all here, my lovelies:


Yes, we all know it.
The Balmain sparkly mini dress/blazer/boot look was EVERYWHERE this year (after seeing the embellished heels from Spring 2009 duplicated at a Journey's store, I gave an exasperated sigh)
my thoughts on this look range between "alright, enough already!" and "This is too fun!"

So the other day I played with my own inspiration
...I whipped out this little number that has been hanging in the back of my closet for some time now....
this dress came out of a hole-in-the-wall vintage shop in the East Village over the summer. Luckily for me, when I found it, I noticed it had no price tag and I just held it up to the groovy cashier dude & after a shrug and $20, it was mine. SCORE!!


I also gave the look a shot with pink socks & ankle boots
is it just me, or do i look like I'm about to sneeze?


Tube Dress-Vintage
Knotted Tee-Cheap Monday
Denim Vest-Gap (thrifted)
Ankle Boots-We Who See

after a while it got pretty warm out...


Oh,Claire, you're so lame

have an awesome tuesday, everyone!


Poke & Prada


Whilst in MA, I really loved wandering around even though it was damp from MASSIVE amounts of rain.

I was really inspired by the Prada RTW Fall/Winter collection. I loved the idea of mixing knits and leathery accents with heavy fabrics, and I can't hate a cinched waist. It was an amazing collection, gotta give props to Miuccia Prada for making a collection so mysterious and so incredibly intoxicating

See the Prada Lookbook here

Picnik collage


I mean, granted, I didn't really do the gladiator thing, but I had fun interpreting it





The cardigan is suuuper long, draping it over the belt made for some interesting geometrics

Dress-DKNY (thrifted)


Crocodile belt-Uncle's

-Flea market, vintage



I think sometimes I just strive to be an awkward mess of red hair & drapings...

Oh, before I forget...

And I'll go into this more in the future when I get around to commentary on S/S 2010, and this is completely random, but here's my bit of news from Alexander McQueen;

Photo: Imaxtree/Nymag


Road Trippin'


'Evening everyone!
I just got back from a family function in Massachusetts (it took me about 60 tries until I spelled that name right) and I'm completely exhausted.

My dad & I drove about 8 hours in both directions, which gave us enough time to listen to the ENTIRE remastered Beatles' catalog.

Before we shoved off on our trip, I made a different sort of trip to the thrift store and FINALLY got a hold of a Mink collar that I can afford ($2 if that says anything for you). I only buy vintage fur out of moral constraint, and lemme tell ya, if I ever find it, stuff is expensive.
Picnik collage
I attached the collar to an olive drawstring-waist coat I found in a Salvation army in Williamsburg, Brooklyn over the summer. It gives it a groovy militaristic feel

le Hotel

Scarves-Weardrobe conference goodie bag/second-handed
Jacket-Urban Outfitters/thrifted
Knitted Leggin's-Target
Boots-Max Studio
Leather belt-Vintage

Augh..now to get even more sleep than what I got in the car...

and oh-emm-gee, you guys, I think I found my Dream Bag

gonna go dream about that for a bit...



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