My Living Room Wall By Jordan Tiberio


Before life as we knew it changed, Jordan came over and explored my found photo wall.
I was thrilled to catch up, I was thrilled to see a familiar face. These faces are also familiar friends now, pinned over the table I spend most of my time around- working, eating, face-timing, arranging space for my cats to sleep.

It's home, we're all here.

Jordan Tiberio is a photographer living in Brooklyn, and we have been dear friends since we met on a shoot for Toy Syndrome about ~7 years ago? (gosh). Her inventive, nostalgic and magical touch is irresistable, and her photos manage to transport to another world, time and time again. Like stepping into a watercolor garden or an arms-length memory, her work is worth resting your eyes on for sure!

I feel lucky we got the chance to work together and freeze this place and time of home for an afternoon.
'Till we meet again.

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