And Then The Sun Set


Social Work sweater 
Vintage pants
Acne boots (thank you, eBay gods)
Vivienne Westwood x Cambridge Satchel Co bag 

The light in our bedroom is super weird when the sun sets- we have some linen curtains, which tend to shove the light in weird directions on our walls, and the placement of our windows is such that when the sun sets, the warm orange glow hangs out in the middle of the wall.  So if any of youse were wondering why I appear to have a tan in that last photo, that kinda lets you know why. Also, I'm just garbage at editing photos, so we'll just have to wait and see if I can improve...

So let's talk about this sweater: it's by Social Work, a brand founded by two Parsons Grads who aim for production transparency from stitch to send. Assembled overseas in China, their last collection was modeled by the factory workers who make their clothes. I really dig the collection this here piece came outta, built around the 60s-70s hipster shapes a la polyester suits and sweater vests. Pants are cropped with kick flares, collars are starchy, pointy, severe. Give their kickass instagram a peep:

If I can wear six different kinds of plaid at once, I will. I threw these two plaids and Vivienne Westwood's famous toothy snake print via tiny satchel together. Perhaps a Bowie moment is what I was going for- who knows, this was back when I still had hair

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