Return from Hiatus + Denim Duster


Reformation dress (second-hand)
Madewell denim jacket 
Denim duster coat (thrifted)
Vintage DKNY cardigan via Watson
Vintage bead bag (thrifted)
Helmut Lang boots (sample sale snag 🙌)
Annika Inez earrings 

She's back! From outer space!
• Yep, I got a haircut (here's the IG reveal) - I love, love, love wearing big earrings, but like, especially now- I took these beauts off Annika's hands after a studio visit and social shoot.
• I got a promotion at work, which has not happened without panic attacks or a fleeting moment or two of imposter syndrome, so don't be me, but a happy start for spring! Lots of new work ahead!
• In any case, I took a hiatus from shooting or writing....anything... mostly because I wasn't feeling 100% myself, which, suffice to say, has been a little existentially challenging

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  1. Looks super cool how you styled the denim jacket!
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena



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