Gold Geist


Bing Bang NYC nameplate 
Lulu Frost earrings 
Thrifted tee

I'm a Geist- or, as the German word translates; a spirit beyond just a ghost or life force, but a floating, infinite sort of intellect. My dad took back my grandmother's maiden name when he was in college because he felt like he ought to live his life according to this word we don't quite have a perfect translation for in English, but universally sort of get.

I stopped by the Bing Bang NYC studios in Chinatown last year and placed a special custom order, the result of which you see here.
The brand was founded by Anna Sheffield, who is more prominently known for her namesake like of beautiful fine jewelry. Her designs are known for being unapologetically juxtaposed- daring and still sentimentally elegant. Bing Bang is a perfect, free-spirited little sister brand to Sheffield's namesake line of custom engagement jewelry and irreplaceable ultra-fine pieces 'cause they're meant for everyday, but they carry the same uncompromising reach for quality in fine jewelry.

Bing Bang's pieces are meant to be worn and knocked around every day. They're finished by hand, plated by hand, and they all have whispers of Sheffields' thinking: prongs are sharp, pearls and jewels are small and elegant, but always sourced and cut as if to only exist as wearable sparks. This here nameplate I'm wearing has quickly become one of my favorite pieces- not because it's my name (although I'm biased), but because it miraculously became a wearable statement: this is me. There's even a period made of a tiny garnet.

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