Backwards Proenza x SPF


Proenza Schouler tee, worn backwards (via Beacon's )
Helmut Lang jeans (Shopbop)
Calypso duster (Bib+Tuck RIP)
Vintaaaahge bag (flea market)
& Other Stories boots (eBay)

-beauty notes-

Standing in the sun apparently makes me wanna put my arms up in the air??
Speaking of standing in the sun- I just had my 26th birthday, and after realizing last year that I had been playing fast-and-loose with my sunscreen application, I have started collecting different sunscreen compacts and travel tubes of SPF to throw in my purse whenever I leave the apartment. The one I've used to death and need to reorder is this one by Vant 36.5, which I nabbed on Amazon while shopping for some kinda nonsense like rubber stoppers for doors and a six-pack of sponges. It has a wonderfully matte finish and it smells faintly of baby powder- PLUS it's super cute!!!! If there are any particular steps I have become crazy about when it comes to my skincare routine, it's a) Not touching my face with my hands unless I have washed them, and b) wearing sunscreen when I'm outside. These compacts have become essential so that I don't have to sweat either of these for sure.

Oh yeah- and! I found this Proenza Schouler tee at Beacon's Closet a few weeks back, and by 'back' I also mean I haven't worn it the correct way around since I nabbed it. The ribbon ties are a fabulous and cheeky detail when worn in the back, but I love them in the front, creating a little vent while worn with high-waisted jeans or pants.

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  1. I love the Proenza Schouler label, so many great
    items .?Please I implore everyone to take sunscreen
    Dress The Part

  2. Such a lovely look! The tee looks great worn the other way around!

    Kathrin | Polar Bear Style



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