Vintage Levis jeans
Vintage Coach pursette
Vintage jacket
Uniqlo heattech turtleneck
Opening Ceremony loafers

-beauty notes- 
Goldwell colorance foam conditioner in 8k
Label .M curl soufflé, twisted into sections of hair, and air-dried

I was shocked to realize how warm this looped jacket is- especially when layered over a piece of heattech. Post-rain Bushwick can either be puddly and miserable, or glittery and delightfully quiet, and It was definitely a pleasant surprise to find out that I can throw on this jacket and go for a stroll to figure out which outcome followed the rain last weekend.

I keep seeing people sporting loafers and brogues on the train this winter, so I'm calling it for this year: loafers and brogues 2k18. The ones I'm wearing here have been re-soled twice because I absolutely wear them into the ground. Nice and comfortable, and they feature three neutral colors and gold staples.

Maybe a little geriatric, but fuck it, I'm 25 and have the glasses prescription of an 80-year old, so I might as well play the part.

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