Vintage jacket 
Vintage sweater, which I have distressed (IRO's Padas sweater is a close cousin)
Vintage Charles David Boots, replaced the laces
Second-handed blouse that doesn't have any tags for some reason
Helmut Lang jeans (℅ Shopbop)

I think I just keep having Raf Simons moments.
Snagged this wool sweater, which appears to be from the 50's, at a local vintage shop for $5. I assume it was marked down so much because there is a dime-sized hole in one sleeve, and there was a dark brown stain on the waist band. Something about the oversized fit that you can only see in vintage varsity clothing, with the big, bold and ambiguous 'A' made me justify buying the ratty thing. I came home, put it on, and realized the fit with the tight waistband at the bottom was unflattering and  stained, so I took a pair of scissors to it and pulled the shreds to exacerbate the unraveling.

Et voilá! Now whenever I wear this sweater in the apartment, the cats chase me around trying to get a hold of the wool yarn dripping from where the waistband used to be.
I think I'm just gonna let this thing die slowly 'till it's nothing but a noodly crop top.

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