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Thrifted Anne Klein Sweater Dress
Purse found in an Antique Barn
Mossimo Sneakers
For Love & Lemons bra

Came back to my high school home in Buffalo for a spell with the boy, and hooooly mackerel was the thrifting and antiquing a good time. 

Here's an example, this here outfit:
• $10 for a basket bag found tucked behind a pile of dusty books in an antique barn
• $3 for a bunch of sweaters. 
• The For Love and Lemons bra was e'Bay'd for $30
• Bought the sneakers at Target for $18, perfect because they have absolutely zero branding on them

I love me some Amvets, which is where I found this shell button maxi cardigan dress, something I've been looking for for ages. When we were unexpectedly invited to a formal party at the Hotel Henry, I threw this on and folded the shoulders down to reveal the graphic straps of the bra. 

 Thank gawd I had access to excellent thrifting in high school, I don't think I'd be so partial to buying second-hand if I didn't get to "treasure hunt" every weekend and actually afford cool stuff.

 Second-hand all the things!

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