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I love makeup, but I hate doing makeup.
I love the ritual, the creativity, the illustrative aspect of makeup, but I don't like doing it myself if it's more than, like, 5 steps. Of course I'm also the asshole who is also like, "10-step skincare? OF COURSE! 10-step makeup? How about nay?" These things are not mutually exclusive, of course, but both take time.

 It really comes down to how shitty I am at dedicating myself to practicing and how I don't really like how "done makeup" feels- like, if I feel a wisp of foundation on me after a gust of wind hits my face, I want to run to the nearest cotton pad. Hell, I can barely wear lipstick for more than 2 hours because a) I'm going to eat something- I have snacks ON SNACKS ON SNACKS and b) I'll probably touch my face (which you should never, ever do, but here we are).

Because of this, I have been focusing on my skincare, but I still needed something that would fulfill the following needs:
1) Is matte enough to take away the sweaty/dewy/shiny look of bomb-ass moisturized skin (look, I love me some healthy glow, but serum sticks to my bangs)
2) Gives me some kind of veil of coverage
3) Minimizes the appearance of the pores on my nose and cheeks
4) I can wear through changing seasons (and skintones)
5) I can use on spots as well as my whole stupid face

Behold: The Givenchy Prisme Visage palette in No.1 pastel
Thankfully, as the stars I'm sure saw fit, Wikibuy asked me if I'd like to try their site and Chrome extension to find exactly what I was looking for, so I used it to find the only thing I've put on my entire face for the past two months:

It took a little research, but I found the thing I needed.
I knew I wanted a color correcting palette because I was already super intrigued by pieces describing how to sort of "boost" your concealer by using corresponding colors to address your coverage need. It's a little personalized and it reminds me of learning to mix paint- Plus! I wouldn't need to head to a store and potentially break out from trying so many different shades on my face.

So Wikibuy reached out and suggested I try finding what I needed through them. I heard about them a few months back because they will tell you "Hey! This item you're looking at on (insert website here) can actually be bought for less money over here: (insert other website here)." I've bought a sinful amount of things through them as it is.
They also give you coupon codes you can automatically use upon checkout, and since they work super well on Sephora, I got some extra-bonus samples. Win!

So here's what the palette is:
• One of four palette styles, No.1 is a neutral matte powder. 
• The four colors: green (cancels redness), pink (brightens, like a flush), yellow (neutralizes dark, purple-y spots like dark under eyes) and blue (they say "balances freshness", but I think it acts to cool down the yellow a little)

Here's how I use it:
1) I take a powder brush and blend all four shades (the e.l.f. powder brush is the best and cheapest at $5! Suggested to me by my former roommate and beauty editor Arabelle Sicardi)
2) I apply the powder to my face.
3) I'll spritz a toning spray like Clinique's Moisture Surge Spray - I nabbed this alongside the powder and I used half of it in Idaho because I kept it in my purse due to it being dry as fuuuuuck.

Note: no editing or fake lights on my face, just natural daylight

left: m'face right after washing and moisturizing and applying sunscreen. It's shiny and stuff. It's also a little sticky, and the top of my nose & cheeks are rosier than I'd like. Am I looking too hard? Probably. Does my face look sweaty? Yes.
right: m'face post-powder application. Matte and 'blurred' as far as pore size and pigment goes. Still, my face doesn't look powdery. It's a subtle difference, but that's why I like it.

And now, here are those same images all big so you can see the detail:

So final thoughts on here Givenchy Prisme Visage Palette No.1:

• Feels silky and the texture "melts" into skin 
• Blurs like a champ
• I probably use the green and yellow the most individually with concealer to cover zits and tired eyes
• No breakouts! (I wash my brush pretty religiously though, this is key)
• Its scent is super subtle and pretty, a gardenia-y rose but not like your grandma's purse. 

• As the comments on the palette mention on Sephora, the brush that comes with it is trash. I threw it out and just use my regular powder brush.
• If you don't like fragrance, it is scented
• It's a pricey initial purchase
• You can't really use it on its own to cover things, but it's fabulous as a final step (or if you're like me, an only step)

So hey! I like this stuff! Thank you to Wikibuy for making this a no-brainer and for making three extra samples a reality with this acquisition. They gave me this palette and the setting spray in exchange for my review (which is my own). I highly recommend using 'em- I found out about them through NYMag's The Strategist and haven't looked back since.

 Now, if you'll excuse me, this post took 4 hours to write and I need a cocktail.

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