Uniqlo heattech turtleneck, Walter Baker top (℅) , Asos jeans, ASH boots, OTAAT/Myers Collective bag

Stocked the heck UP on these Uniqlo Heattech turtlenecks- I'll be heading to Idaho with the bf over winter vacation and consider them necessary for such a venture. Meanwhile, in NYC, they allow me to go out for a bit without a jacket on when it's sunny and 50-something degrees outside. When it dips below that,  gimme a sweater and a denim jacket and we are good.to.go.

Anyway, dig these Harlequin ruffle jeans? They tite rite? I'm shocked at how much I find myself reaching for these in the morning, I thought I'd never end up wearing them as much as I do (like, every weekend)- and now Asos has this pair in black and a similar pair in black! Go get 'em!



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