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Took me a while to muster up the will to post these backstage shots since the election.
 Eckhaus Latta teamed up with LA-based, multidisciplinary artist Brendan Fowler to carry his ELECTION REFORM! graphics as collaboration pieces for Spring along with beautiful knits and carefully constructed pieces that last a lifetime (like, really constructed like furniture)- the stuff they're known for. And, well, God damn it look at where we are.

 It was a hot day in September, the EL studio in Chinatown was crammed with bodies at makeup and hair stations, swimming back and fourth between the racks carrying the collection at the far end of the studio. Sassoon took care of the hair, a reference to a sort of childhood unconcerned ethos, an afternoon spent running and jumping in a wilderness. AVEDA took care of the makeup- lovely skin, heavy brows, a line of black eyeliner on the waterline. After everyone was dressed outside, photographers flocked, the cast chatted together. All the models clearly loved what they were wearing- even if knits and layers looked cumbersome in the heat, they weren't worn like it. The palpable love for this project was contagious. After 25 minutes or so, the models were ready to head to the outdoor runway set up between rows of folding chairs in Seward Park. The guests were waiting, cooling themselves with paper fans.

It felt like a school production, like how your class or 4th grade drama club lined up single-file in the hallway to head to the auditorium or enter the classroom set up for a show for their crazy proud parents. It was exciting and tender.

The line is personal. They consistently cast their loved ones & artists who inspire them to represent their designs, in print and in person. They make things for people to make art in. They make things to confront societal norms that perpetuate violence. I don't need to talk about this, it's been said before, but when you see these pieces on people who are amazing in themselves, and then love each other and take comfort in each other's art when they're together, to see all those pieces walk together in a line on a hot summer afternoon in sweatshirts emblazoned with multiple calls to vehemently reject our current system to make something new? It's been done many different ways before, but this was their take. It's enough to make you feel like you could fly. It feels like hope. I seriously hope people listen.

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