My Pieces for Fall: 4 Things on Heavy Rotation


I and Me denim (℅), Madewell blouse (℅), OTAAT/Myers ring tote (I've been liking these simple Matt & Nats too), Opening Ceremony heels, Ray Ban 3447s 

Been on a mini-hiatus in an effort to catch up with work and live out the end of summer fruitfully, and I've invested some time to rethink me closet a bit with new staples and shapes.

Certainly took a cue from the OAK Presentation soon after going backstage because the styling was nearly no-brainer simple and impactful with how GOOD the basics were. I definitely wanted to make it a point to share all the pieces I'm wearing here in particular because they'll be on heavy rotation for different reasons:

DEEZ JEANS - developed by a former buyer for Topshop, I and Me is this wonderful new basics line that makes some really beautiful, gender neutral denim & tops. It's hard to tell, but this particular wash here is indigo with like a sea glass green tinge to 'em. And when it comes to deliberate destruction, lemme tell ya, having worked in a vintage warehouse where we would augment jeans to get them to rip, it's PAINSTAKING to get into the weave and rip them in a way that goes with the denim. I'm ranting...all I'm trying to say is the hand is present in these jeans, and I will be wearing the hell outta these in the next few months. 

Sandals for fall, these here OC sandals will be worn with tube socks and tights. Plus they can come off my feet like a pair of tear-away pants, so I just think of the shoe version of this, and honestly, who doesn't want that?

• This here blouse, which is boxy, superbly comfortable, and  will be worn with a super tight Uniqlo heat tech turtleneck underneath in time, mark my words. I'll just link back to this post when I do.

• This. Effing. Tote. Ugh, this is kind of the bag of my dreams. I bought it on Shopbop last month and I just wanna wear it with everything. Since the rings are brass and kinda heavy, it took some maneuvering to figure out how I'd like to wear it, but I'm surprised how often I just forego the shoulder strap and carry it with the rings. I might get one of these large totes - the price is perfect for the quality you get, and it fits all the essentials + a phone charger. 

Links provided by Lyst, which I'm obsessed with because I just wanna see all my choices in one place (thanks, guys!)
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