Beauty Roundup: Some Tried and True, Some New


Yes, folks, it's time for another beauty roundup. 
I figured I'm just going to keep sharing the things I use on the regular, because damn if I ain't a loyalist to the things that work, but I've also got some fun, new discoveries to share. 

Everything with "(℅)" will indicate I was initially given the product to try out at one point or another. I do not use affiliate links, so I ain't gettin' paid, ya dig?

Hair •Hair •Hair •Hair •Hair •Hair •Hair •Hair •Hair •Hair •Hair •Hair •Hair •Hair •Hair 

Note: My current hair color/cut was done at Ilias Zarbalis salon, they use Aveda products, and the cut gave my hair great volume, definitely worth a visit.

I'll be honest: my hair texture has been changing. I've been trying anything and everything to keep my curls in tact, but the fact of the matter is, everyone's hair changes texture every 7 years or so thanks to the changing cycle of hormones our bodies produce. So with my hair waving out, I've chosen to use this volumizing s+c combo. It's gentle, smells good, and my hair feels cleansed, not stripped.

The conditioner is more of a gel, which is something I'm not used to seeing as an American, but it slicks my hair and untangles any problem areas, but for the most part, I prefer to get my deep condition on with my....

My dear friend Jake (who designed the nameplate necklace I wear all the time) was a hairdresser for years before I met him. He was sitting next to me when I opened the package of products Label M had sent over for me to try. He gasped and quickly reached for the tub of this mask from the bottles in the silver packaging, held it up and proclaimed "This mask right here is amazing! Probably the best thing they make".

With my curls waving out- especially with my hair colored on top of that, it's a good idea to have a protein mask every once in a while, so I definitely needed this. Sure enough, I finished this mask in about a month. It made my hair nice and shiny, and my ends look better than usual. Plus is smells GREAT. Definitely buying more.

Love me some Devachan, have for a few years now. The key to Devachan products, which I needed a stylist to tell me, is that it's better to apply them to your waves/curls when your hair is still pretty wet. This is why a lot of people (including me, at first) make the mistake of removing a good amount of moisture from the hair before applying their products. Nope! Ya gotta get a tennis-ball size into your hair with a towel around your shoulders to catch the drip, and let it air dry.

Makes my hair nice and light, and the texture staaaaays.

A wonderful soufflĂ© of a product - Deva is known for their absolutely perfect curl products, but now they've expanded with a new collection of wave products and this one is just. the. best. 
Label M makes something a little similar, but I like Deva's texture and staying power better. The whip feels like buttercream frosting when you move it between your hands, but it isn't greasy at all and goes on like a really nice serum. Your hands feel super soft afterwards.
I like to twirl it around sections of my hair

Another solid hair mousse. I like to use this when I don't have time to air dry in the morning before work.

If there hasn't been a more favorited product of mine. My colored hair desperately loves this spray: it sets, moisturizes, and provides SPF! THANK YOU LABEL M GODS!

Copper & red dye fades the fastest, and this provides a nice shield/dose of protein before I head outside. Necessary.

Last but not least, this delicious smelling balm feels brilliant and provides better reflective powers than an oily shine serum. It's kinda like a hair mask you can wear all day.

This is an amazing root volumizer, I use it more for styling than cleansing. Good for bumping my hair volume. However, it's a little messy, so I have to be careful, lest I step out looking like I have horrible dandruff.

If I just use my hairdryer and nothing else, I turn into a poofball. This diffuser attachment is designed to be the best heat distributer for curly hair because it can get air in between individual sections of curls. You basically get to give each of your curls individual special treatment. If I don't have tie to air dry (it takes 45 minutes of walking outside and taking the train for my hair to air dry halfway, I'm not kidding)  it cuts my time getting ready in the morning down significantly soooo...

Skin •Skin •Skin •Skin •Skin •Skin •Skin •Skin •Skin •Skin •Skin •Skin 

Biossance... everything: Cleanser // Nourisher // Squalane(℅)
I could go on for years about these products, so I'll keep it brief:
These are the best. Damn. Skincare products. I have ever used. Period.

Biossance's oil cleanser and Nourisher have probably made the most noticeable change in my skin's appearance since birth control (sorry, it's true). Essentially what Biossance utilizes and puts in all their products is Squalane, the plant-derived version of Squalene, or the lipid our body produces to protect our skin from the environment. Babies' skin produce a lot of squalene, which is why their skin is so beautiful and smooth. 

Their 100% squalane is pretty great 'cause you can mix it with anything. I like to mix a few pumps in with my moisturizer and sunscreen, and I also run a few pumps through the ends of my hair.

 Biossance also sets a perfect standard as a transparent company. Produced in San Francisco, they're incredibly strict about what goes into their products and go well beyond FDA and EPA cosmetic regulation. They're truly the opposite of suck as far as cosmetic companies go. I'll be buying forevermore.

MAKE Beauty's Moonlight Brightening serum(℅)+ Primer(℅)
Remember that piece I wrote about MAKE's Naxos collection? Yep, still using it, totally dig it. 
The Moonlight serum is nice and brightening, I use it every other day, but I definitely use the primer every day since it's meant to block the rays emitted by screens (I work at Twitter, you connect the dots), and I'm almost done with it. 

Highlighting powder from the gods! I wear this alone every once in a while when I don't feel like wearing makeup on my eyes . I use an e.l.f powder brush to dust over my cheeks, the bridge of my nose and the sides of my forehead.

Arabelle is my room mate, they started using it and I wanted my own after trying it and noticing the blackheads on my nose just disappeared. I was like....oh shit.
 It's everywhere in the apartment, but I bought my own and put mac & cheese duct tape to show which is mine.

I especially need it, 'cause I'm paler than a freezer burnt tub of vanilla ice cream- me & the sun are not friends.
This Korean product is far and away my favorite facial sunscreen because it's nice and cool when I put it on. My body sunscreen is Laroche Posay's Anthelios SPF 60 Spray. It's expensive as shit, but it's so light and easy to spread, I can give up a few coffees and drinks a month for it. 

Makeup •Makeup •Makeup •Makeup •Makeup •Makeup •Makeup •Makeup •Makeup •Makeup

Eyeko mascara(℅)
Yep, still using the mascara type I got at the lash bar. I have decently long lashes, but they're blonde and invisible. Anyway, I still like it, read about it here.

Two reds that work with my insane paleness.

Again, not very good at makeup, but a cate eye in navy I can do, and it looks cool with my eye color. I'll blend out the eyeshadow stick on my upper and lower lid when I want a subtle smoky eye.

The two shades that mix well for my skin tone, Maybelline's staying power is superior, but not quite my shade. NARS works better as a spot concealer for me when alone.

MAKE brow gel(℅)+ pen(℅)
Yep. keeps 'em in place. The pen is fine, great staying power through my sweaty subway walks.

Every conceivable cheek shade, and stuff for contouring, but I don't contour. Definitely a worthy investment to last you for a whiiiiiiile.
That being said, the liquid Super Orgasm illuminator still runs my universe.

One smells like sexy red-light jasmine, the other smells like being left alone with your lover after the party's left...with bergamot and amber.

I get compliments on them all the time. I once had a friend tell me I smell good and intimidating. I'll take it

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