Got a Custom-Made Mascara, Ok With It


So Eyeko is providing this consultation service where you essentially get fitted for a custom mascara, aaaaand I tried it.

Usually I have a hard time justifying getting "fitted" for something that isn't clothing or glasses or shoes, but I gave it some thought and realized this miiiiiight be an ok investment since a) I only wear three things of makeup on a daily basis: concealer, brow pen, mascara, dass it- and that certainly is like wearing glasses every day, and b) I've been trying to at least get a sense of what I should look for, and if anything this service can teach me the wand and formula I'd do well with from now on.

Ok so, here's the lowdown:
1. Eyeko's Bespoke Service is provided at Saks here at NYC, Selfridges & Harvey Nichols in London, and Facesss in Hong Kong.
2. You sit down with your consultant, and either tell them your preferences, or that you have nooo idea even where to begin and that you'd like their input.
3. Your consultant shows you the 10 wands and 10 formulas in a bunch of mixtures and colors.
4. You try 'em.
5. you choose and walk out with a custom-made mascara and a mirrored case with your initials on it and some fresh eye makeup for the rest of the day.

I flew into Saks after work, sat in the Eyeko chair, and told my consultant the following insane run-on story:

"Soooooooooooooooooooo, I've been using Diorshow for ages now, but I'm tired of the weird rose scent (like, why does mascara need a scent, amirite?) and I don't dig the formula all the time, but I like the brush. Also, this one time, I went on a photoshoot and the makeup artist used a silicone-based mascara on me that made my eyes look enormous and spidery and doll-like, and I went home feeling like Robert Smith, only with his hair as my eyelashes....can I get something like that?"

And bless this woman's heart, she did her damn job.
We settled on a curved brush in a gel, plant-based cellulose, water-resistant formula (well, all the formulas they use are water resistant) in jet black. She showed me how to sweep the brush over my eyelashes and bottom lashes with the fattest part of the curve. 

So, now, the big question: 
Is this worth $50?

The way I see it, if you only wear three pieces of makeup and mascara is the the most important thing to you, (like it most certainly is for me 'cause it's pretty much the only makeup I wear) then this might be worth it. I really needed help with picking and trying a brush, which you can't really do in Sephora, so that is probably the biggest up this service can give you along with the, y'know, custom formula. Other than that, getting more than one opinion from your local Sephora reps does just as well for picking an existing mascara that you can restock time and time again. This is most certainly a luxurious treat.
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