Opening Ceremony sweater, American Apparel tee, Wilfred Free pants, thrifted Express bag, Kate Bosworth x Matisse 'Lois' mary janes

Dude, go Kate Bosworth and Matisse! I'm not usually here-or-there in a matter of opinion when it comes to either of these parties, but as a design duo, they wooooork! These heels are BOMB! Bought 'em in black and red to go with everything forever and ever- post to come.

Also featuring these Wilfred Free denim pants. Wilfred Free is a great line within Aritzia's umbrella of house brands; the price-point is a little friendlier, and the pieces tend to be a little lighter, a little airier. These pants were probably intended for a desert, but I'll be knocking around the city in 'em with my George Harrison haircut and cutoff 70s sweaters.

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