namennayo cats


A spectacular find, Namennayo Cats published in 1981 was a major, massive phenomenon in Japan throughout the 1980s, but it didn't quite take off here in the states for some unimaginable reason. The Perlorian franchise started as a photo book of kittens, dressed and placed in dioramas to tell the story of a kitten's troubled youth. From smoking in his school's bathroom, to joining a motorcycle gang, and then realizing it's better to be a good citizen- It's GENIUS.

Photographer Satoru Suda found four stray kittens in an alley, and begrudgingly decided to take them home to raise them. After noticing one of the small kittens play in a pile of doll clothes, he knew he had something to work with. He dressed the kittens up, shot them super quickly, and the rest is pure fucking gold.

As soon as I saw these images I simply had to buy the book. Unfortunately I bought an overpriced copy on eBay before finding this one, which someone needs to snatch up immediately.


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