Vintage silk blouse, Asos fallen shoulder slip, Lyz Olko (formerly Obesity+Speed) jacket (℅), Citizens of Humanity jeans (℅), Acne boots, Leifsdottir satchel, Classic Specs glasses (℅)

When was the last time you brought something into your life, and that thing made you see everything else you owned just a liiiiittle bit differently?
The first time I saw these glasses, I knew they were just off-putting enough to be exactly the thing I needed. They make the stuff I wear just that much more layered. 

You know who they remind me of? Daniel Dreiberg aka Nite Owl from Watchmen. When Dan's out of costume, he's a bit of a sad, dorky dude, but kind. They changed his glasses for the movie (in the comic, they don't have the double bridge), but I guess it was in order to more illustrate the time period.

I digress,
The ornamental pear trees have blossomed! The white flowers can be seen nearly everywhere here in NYC, but I'm sure most of us can agree: pretty as they are, they kinda smell like butt.



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