Vintage Calvin Klein jacket, Uniqlo Heattech turtleneck, Carven top, vintage Levis

It's no guess that I clearly wear a lot of denim. Look, when you work in vintage for 3 years and enthusiastically dig through thrift stores on the regular, you find a whole mess of 20-to-30-year-old denim pretty easily.

And so, since I gots so much of it, I add denim pieces to whatever I'm wearing almost 80% of the time. It's really not a conscious thing; like, we don't think of jeans as a blue or indigo garment like we might with a blue Tee shirt. Nope, it's just denim, pretty much neutral.

Denim also "dresses down" so perfectly that it can almost make fun of itself, which is irresistible. When you pair a denim jacket with a buttery cashmere twin set or an exquisite dress...the sort of push-pull you feel from seeing that kind of styling can make approaching that body in that outfit all the more doable.

In other words, I wear a lot of denim to fancy dinner parties.



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