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BDG overalls, American Apparel cardigan, Etsy'd Tshirt from DasBootleg, Nettie Kent choker (℅), Bing Bang NYC earring (℅)VPL coat via Bib+Tuck (℅), vintage boots via James Rowland

I keep wearing these suspender jeans, dudes! 
I tend to do this thing where I'll shove whatever I've worn throughout a week into a certain area of my closet, and it's become this routine where I'll just end up returning to the pieces I've worn again and again out of laziness. Oh, well. 

As you saw in the last post, I've worn these overalls with more elegant pieces before, but here I wanted to make them a little tougher, hence the menswear with the heeled boots.

Boyish separates- actually the cardigan and t-shirt are men's pieces, but I usually buy men's stuff totally oversized so that it becomes kinda genderless; like they just become a big shape of fabric to wear. I've been tucking the cardigan under the straps and buttoning a corner, feels loose and casual y'know?

Shoutouts to Nettie Kent, who made the choker I forgot to put back on halfway through shooting these. I actually modeled in her A/W look book, which is where this choker comes from. Take a peeksee there if you'd like!

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  1. Great look!!
    XOX, Gap.

  2. Cool way to wear that cardigan!

    Nice things Paloma s. on lb-lc fashion blog

  3. In love with the whole outfit!

  4. Remind me of Haley from Paramore in this picture... :)

    Stay Excellent,

    Tetra Designs

  5. Nice Outfit



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