BDG overalls, Lafayette 148 turtleneck (℅), Cheap Monday vest (℅), Joy Gryson 'Nyla' bag(℅), Elizabeth & James heels, Ray Bans, Bing Bang NYC rings (℅)

Walk and walk and walk and walk- point the toe, aw yeahhh.

Heh. Oh dear.

Gotta love the chance to elevate something slouchy and frumpy into a cool little thing. I usually hate wearing heels, but these are probably my favorite wedges (as they should be, looks like the design was inspired by a vintage Mugler pair from the 80's), and when you've got favorites, you make exceptions. Anywho, here are also some workwear-inspired denim suspender jeans, with button straps  and even a hook for where you would hang your keys and tools if you were like, working on a drainpipe or something. The pockets that go down to the knees ain't bad either. Throw on some cashmere and glittery crystal rings all up and down your fingers and you've got yerself a thing to wear to dinner.

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