Jumpsuit via Urban Renewal, vintage jacket & loafers, these socks purchased from the Sock Man in St.Mark's

I shoot all my posts myself, which is how I like it, but sometimes it just dawns on me how silly it all is when I stand on my roof or on the street by myself in front of a person-less camera. I LOVE shooting on my roof because it's a pretty neutral backdrop, but also because I don't really have to deal with people- and with this ensemble, I was getting questions all day, mostly about where I got my socks and shoes.

 The shoes were a hell of a find though; someone just made these with the help of some spray paint and carved-out foam platforms. Whenever I wear them, I wonder who had them last, but I guess that's pretty normal of anything I own that is vintage.

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  1. Your vintage jacket is so pretty, really like it:)




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