Fancy Feet


Noul shirt, VPL coat via Bib+Tuck, AG Jeans, La Canadienne shoes, Hot Sox

The city experienced an unwelcome dusting of snow yesterday, however it gave me an excuse to break out this insanely fantastic menswear-inspired coat, which I procured on bib+tuck. VPL was actually the very first NYFW show I ever attended, so it's lovely to have a piece from the line to carry with me for a while.

Also making an appearance were my fancy feet. A little unnerving, any chance I get to wear something bizarre, I'm all aboard.


  1. This is my first time to your site, and I'm excited to return already! I adore the subtle irreverent touches and how your styling is forreal REAL life. Love your collab with By Boe, too!

    Stay fly,



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