A Little Thought on a Weekend




When I was little, my mom collected antique jewelry and was very proud of her accumulation of baubles. Every piece had a story, and she recited every single tale of acquisition while she would rearrange the dresser drawer where she kept her pieces. She would spread out her seemingly endless trays of chains, plastic and gems all over her bed in a way that made their location easy to reach. I remember climbing up as a gangly, clumsy child to admire everything with tiny fingers that would transfer from the legos I stacked with my dad in the pervious room, to the delicate dexterity required in the presence of finery. My own collection is somewhat more eclectic and varied, and I treat my jewelry more as amulets or tattoos in that they become almost like an extension my body when I choose to wear them.

While I was experimenting taking some shots above my bed this weekend, it took me right back to having that exchange with my mom as a little kid, and now I find myself in a different relationship with the things I wear as I make my way towards my final semester of school. It's weird, I'm growing up and I don't know how it's all gonna go, but I find myself reminiscing these days, and it feels lovely.

Various pieces are antique or by Vanessa Mooney, Karen London, Lulu Frost, By Boe and more.

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  1. how exciting that you are nearing the end of your studies! I love these photos.




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