Obesity & Speed over shirt, vintage men's button-up and beaded top, Vintage Coach bag, AG Jeans, Asos shoes

Been helping out my pal Lyz from Obesity and Speed down at the Capsule show this weekend by keepin' her company and checking out the goodz. We had absurdly lovely weather this weekend in NYC, which jogged our collective memories by giving us a bittersweet taste of early springtime before we're bound to be slapped with more snow and nasty cold later this week. Still, I met the afternoon sun with this reworked vintage army shirt that Lyz reconfigured ever so righteously.

One of the many things that Lyz and I have bonded over is our love and interest in the New York City that bred bands like the Velvet Underground and Suicide; the dark, beautiful-in-its-hunger-kinda place where things were reconstituted and flipped on their heads into something new and viciously provocative. They're all qualities that Lyz reflects back into her work: from her hand-treated destroyed tees to her cleverly reworked vintage outerwear. Like, you probably can't tell from these photos, but there are subtle frays and rips in this heavy shirt that reveal a life lived, and Lyz picked it especially for those lovely signs of history before applying the hand-dyed lettering on the back.

To keep things comfortable, I layered a massive men's dress shirt with a loose pair of jeans, but played with this delicate beaded crepe top that I've managed to dig up from this past summer. Not exactly slinky like a post-punk wannabe, but, y'know, I try to be thoughtful.

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  1. I love the croppeed look over the blouse, one of my favorite things.



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