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Here's the thing, I'm always ridiculously grateful if I ever get a compliment on something I'm wearing or  doing; but if you enjoy the fragrance I wear and make a point of mentioning it, then I know we've got a lot in common. 

Perhaps it's a bit cliché to say that fragrance is a personal thing (and I'm saying fragrance here, not perfume or cologne, more on that in a minute); but at the end of the day, fragrance- on a molecular and physical level, holds a multitude of sensory realms. I've become drawn to the art of scent for a number of reasons: 
1)All the important women and men in my life have had a nearly political devotion to the kinds of scents they wear (my mom wears elegant and powdery scents, but also layers them with green, musky colognes when she goes out, my Grandma has always worn Mugler Angel, dad wears Crew aftershave, first love wore Chanel Bleu...)
2) Having grown up with parents who frequently garden, I have slight botanical knowledge and looooove the nuances that lie within the scents of the natural world
and whenever I step into a room or examine something, my mind immediately goes to what I'm smelling at that moment.

I would own an entire library of perfumes and colognes if I could, only problem is, everything is so goddamned expensive! And with good reason too; the process of refining essential oils and masterfully blending and layering each beautiful note makes my head spin at the very thought. Still, I seriously go into Sephora or Diptyque or Le Labo when I find myself with some time off on Broadway and just go through each scent, picking out the notes I like and what gives me a headache. And while I had loved the scents I'd been wearing lately- and while my friends seemed to like them on me, something was missing, and that something was the connection to a memory, rather than just something I liked.

And then, in a sweet moment of discovery, I came across Commodity Goods and fell in love right before a moment of amazing happenstance which put me in contact with their home team <3 p="">
If you're obsessed with perfume and colognes like I am, then holy hell, this site will be a revelation for you too. I don't know about you, but I prefer to be alone when I'm looking for a fragrance. I don't want anyone interfering with my opinion by attempting to sway me into buying a stupid gift set in an ugly tote bag or something. Yes: I need to be alone, and I need to wear the scent for a day, see how it works with my body's chemistry and then come back. Now, the amazing thing about Commodity is that what they do is send you a "Fitting Kit" of their fragrances in sample atomizers, which lets you smell and get to know each one in your own time. After finding what you like, you order away. The solitude and the "getting to know" process is super cool and really the way to go, if you ask me.

And don't be fooled by the obscure names and delightfully simple packaging, these scents are seriously sophisticated and made in small batches in France; so they're incredibly concentrated and they stay with you forever. I personally fell in love with Book and Pinot. Book is a cologne with spicy, green notes with sandalwood and vetiver which reminds me of childhood trips to the Adirondacks along with the first time I stepped into the Gramercy Park Hotel, while Pinot is mysterious with creamy musks and patchouli; I like to think of it as the perfume equivalent of a smokey eye, closely related to Tocca's Cleopatra (which is what I'd worn all last year but this is waaaay sexier). 

I've been wearing them layered together, if I'm going out, I'll add a dash of Elizabeth and James' Nirvana for some extra sandalwood and violet notes (PRO TIP: I wear my fragrances on the back of my neck so people can especially smell them when they hug me). I swear, I never have to buy perfume again for like, the next year or so. What a friggin' relief! Moments in life change, so who knows, maybe I'll be a different person in need of a different scent next year; but if that happens, I already know Commodity's got it.

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