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Vintage coat & dress, Preston and Oliva Telescope hat, Forever 21 shoes (surprising, no?), Drawn and Quartered nameplate necklace

Oh, the things one can find out of necessity.
I found this gorgeous English tweed coat last year (er,'s too soon okay?!) after I had arrived upstate for winter break only to realize I was WAY unprepared for the cold and the snow. So, without a proper coat, I reverted back to high school antics and moseyed on down to A+ Thrift, and lo and behold, this magnificent specimen was winking at me from across the dusty aisles.

Every winter I look at this coat hanging in my closet and go "ehhh...its sleeves are really big on me, I should get it tailored first..." but then it gets ridiculously cold out and I'll throw it on, not really caring about how it looks with what I've got on. I'll look at myself in the mirror before heading out for milk or whatever, and then go "Huh... I feel like a cockney gangster in this...Yesssss...!" and then I will proceed to walk to the grocery store with a smug sense of coolness that I do not possess, but like to think I carry around from time-to-time.

Ever walk around with Dave Courtney's voice narrating the mundane parts of your trip in your head? That's what this coat does for me. It's less about looking like the guy as much as the coat makes me feel like a huge, bulky, hunkering madman -er , woman; sauntering down the street with me coat dragging behind me in in the fog.
Now, where are my brass knuckles?

So here I am, wearin' this thing like the magic carpet it is, with a dress that would render me scantily-clad otherwise. I do love the dress though, found it on Etsy over the summer before knowing I would go through the wannabe-New Wave phase I'm experiencing right now. I put all these elements together, and for a second, I was like, "Ooooh, very Lydia Lunch, no? That's the direction we're going today, Claire? Alright, let's go beat someone with a pipe, steal some red lipstick, write some sexually uplifting poems in Thompson Square Park under one of the hawks goring a pigeon and call it a day."

Oh yeah, and I got my hair blown out.
Methinks it looks decent with a hat on, probably even better than when my hair is curly, but boy when the headwear comes off, I look like Cher after a fight with a broomstick. I don't entirely know what I mean by that yet, but hey, it's something different at least, no?

In hindsight, I realize that these posts sometimes aren't terribly informative, but I like to think of them more as "alkalinized". Maybe I need to start effin' shiz up so I can tell stories that are less "LOOK AT THIS COAT" and more "THIS COAT CAME OFF THE BACK OF A DEAD MAN AND IS HAUNTED!"

It's not.
I think.

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  1. Such a great coat!!

  2. It's like you look so chic and classic and then you see the dress underneath and it's like BAM! SEXUAL! But still in a classy way, ya know? Amazing.

    xo Ashley



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