Vintage coat, Diana Orving curtain top, vintage Dior blouse, J Brand jeans, CJG Boots, American Apparel beanie, UO gloves, Drawn & Quartered nameplate necklace

It's glorious outside!
Well, it won't be for long. I'll be eating those words next week if the snow hasn't melted and I end up having to walk to class in disgusting, dirty city sleet. 
But for now, weeeeeeeee!!

Shot these literally half an hour ago after running out for milk 'n warm apple pie and such.
I feel bad for not posting about these boots sooner, but I needed to present them in their most useful scenario. If you live up northeast and you don't have at least one pair of shearling lined boots, you're at a loss come wintertime. When your only options are to travel by foot or metro, you need a pair of something like these, and what I've got on comes highly recommended.

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