Vintage dress and boots, American Apparel jacket, Pour la Victoire backpack

Thanking the online gods for this dress. Gotdamn!
This 90s number was snagged a few months back on Etsy. 'Cause that's how I roll with my 90's dress game, b.

 The tag revealed that it cams from a brand called "Urban Girl", straight up written in curly comic sans and everything. I can imagine this was probably once worn with dark, dark lipstick and some kind of cornrow-spiky-pigtails hair situation and strappy kitten heels to a prom or something somewhere. 
Well, now I get to wear it around the east village in grimy, dirty 'ol Justin boots.

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Yvette Yang's Collection Typography


F/W 2012

S/S 2012

F/W 2011

S/S 2011

F/W 2010

 S/S 2010

F/W 2009

 S/S 2009

F/W 2008

S/S 2008

 F/W 2007

Yvette Yang, y'all: shit is serious.
Yang is the divine spirit behind Fashion Font, a project she created in an effort to make typography more than just something that gets lost or ignored when the letters become words. In these collections of letters, you get, well, actual collections; little snippets of how a season went down. I can't help but find their attention to detail, novelty and quirkiness impossible to pass by.

Oh, did I mention she does each of these assembalges by hand? Oh, ok now I have your attention. 

To really get a sense of how detailed and spirited these fonts are, check out her anniversary collaboration with Vogue Korea and notice how she got the "flavor" of each design house with nothing but the actual collections they produce. Amazing.

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First Things First









Some room moments from this weekend, which, upon reflection, have proven to tell me more about the person I'm becoming than I had previously thought.

I'll get real with y'all, I broke up with my first boyfriend back in January, and like most break-ups, it brought about an onslaught of serious, personal, inner considerations. I had a moment one morning about a week after the split when I realized that the first thing I was going to see in the morning was no longer going to be my Ex, but my walls. For the first time in basically ever, I started to take a long, good look at my surroundings as they were no longer obscured by big, blue eyes.

This blog has helped me tremendously in helping me realize where my interests lie, but my physical space was something that I always kind of put on the back burner. As a kid, I was horribly unorganized and didn't give a second thought as to what my preferences were when it came to my surroundings as my mom designed my room layout for years before my parents split and she moved out. My dorm room at the New School was given a couple personal flourishes, but nothing that made me feel anything in particular. My room wasn't a home before, but now it's getting there.

• So here I've shared some of the first things I now see day-to-day: •

1. My ever-growing collection of Instax mini photos, which are always taken during fleeting moments with friends. Their technical delicacy makes them even more special to me.
2. My collection of 20's cupped hand ashtrays, which hold all my favorite pieces of small jewelry. My mom started my interest in these porcelain ashtrays, which are so feminine and odd. Each of the three hold pieces that are associated with some sort of personal connection. The pieces I displayed here on the magazine are some of my favorite acquisitions I've made since I started blogging and collaborating with brands and designers I deeply admire like Annika from By Boe, Vanessa Mooney, Rebecca Zemans, and of course Lisa Salzer from Lulu Frost, who has given me my first step towards working in Fashion.
3. The giant, oversized rusty keys that my mom first hung in my childhood bedroom as a decorative way to contrast the girly-gingham design scheme she designed for me. Now they're a reminder of how much I admire and cherish her influence on my sensibilities.
4. My small, growing collection of records. The thing that makes vinyl so important to me is not really the whole retro-appreciation thing. It's more about making a decision to invest in a record that you can listen to and appreciate in its entirety, track by track. I only have about 12 (as compared to my parents' 200+ collection), but each fits a retrospective moment in my life.
5. My beauty routine has become significantly pared down. I've shifted my attention from my eyes to my skin, which has helped me feel more confident since it doesn't require too much trick of the hand.
6. My dad's hand--carved box which holds notes and tickets, and an antique perfume bottle given to me by my uncle sits on my side chest. They remind me of the strong, supportive family I have, and I have never felt so grateful to be in this moment of growing up.

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Free People blouse, vintage overalls via Bib+Tuck, vintage bag, American Apparel jacket, Sigerson Morrison boots

Happy solstice, guys!
I've been movin' & groovin', had some rooftop BBQ action out in Brooklyn this weekend visiting my friend Aude, who I have known for years as a penpal (She's from paris, we met at summer camp at age 12 and continued correspondance through postage). Summer always reminds me of knocking around the city as a kid with my parents, so it's a lot of mod rock, witchy wide brim hats (chic sunscreen) and frosty beverages.

 Found these excellent Sigerson M. boots second-handed , so we've got the summer dusty boot checked off the list of essentials that I keep adding to. I like wearing socks in the summer to keep my feet dry, and these early summer nights are some cool ones, so I recommend my local city-slickers get on their sock game.

In the meanby, here's a summer jam moment if you'd like one:

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Back to Life





Bella Dahl shirt, Rag and Bone pants, vintage belt, Cheap Monday sandals, Rebecca Minkoff bag, vintage scarf, Lulu Frost art deco necklace, ear pin via Etsy

Haleluljia I'm alive!
Apologies for my absence there, I've been sick with a myriad of viral infections for the passed five days and I've been in and out of the ER for what seems like ages. My entire weekend was spent in the company of Dr.Brown's ginger ale, chicken soup, popscicles and like, thirty Woody Allen movies while everyone was out and about, enjoying themselves and getting some sun. Meanwhile, I was slowly becoming a viral troll. Ugh. So glad that's over with.

While I was home, I ended up filling my time on Etsy (as one does). I've been doing this thing where I'll just search for a random adjective ("detailed", "odd", "asymmetrical" etc...) and see what comes up. I don't wuite remember how I stumbled accross this ear pin, but dang, isn't it the coolest thing? I feel like everyone has seen that one photo on the blogosphere of that girl with an ear pin in the shape of a connected star constellation, and after realizing how expensive those thigns are, I almost gave up my search. This particular piece is pretty reasonable as far as price goes, and it looks great peeking through your hair if you have an asymmetrical, choppy haircut like I do. I've been wearing my hair in scarf wraps to save from the heat, and so I decided to throw this little bauble on to add some sparkle around the face.

Also happy to announce that while I've been away, Lisa Salzer of Lulu Frost has been inducted as a new member of the CFDA! I'm SO excited and happy for her, I can't wait to give my full congrats as soon as I'm back in the office tomorrow!

Now, if you'll excuse me, I haven't been passed 1st avenue in almost a week, and it's about high time I ventured back into society.

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A Summer at Lulu Frost

















So I am very, very, very, very, very excited to announce that I have completed my first week interning at Lulu Frost's design studio and showroom. This summer, I will be assisting with little in-house projects and social media stuff like taking care of the brand's fabulous Tumblr and shooting photos for the site. This first week was my chance to get settled in and help out here and there, but I've had a long-standing relationship with this brand ever since Lisa Salzer, the creative director and founder of Lulu Frost, invited me to pop by the showroom back in 2011. Now I get to sit right accross from Lisa and her team while we brainstorm ideas for their blog and keep eachother inspired. There's a ton of great stuff in the works, and I know it's going to be an incredibly enriching and wonderful summer!

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