Yvette Yang's Collection Typography


F/W 2012

S/S 2012

F/W 2011

S/S 2011

F/W 2010

 S/S 2010

F/W 2009

 S/S 2009

F/W 2008

S/S 2008

 F/W 2007

Yvette Yang, y'all: shit is serious.
Yang is the divine spirit behind Fashion Font, a project she created in an effort to make typography more than just something that gets lost or ignored when the letters become words. In these collections of letters, you get, well, actual collections; little snippets of how a season went down. I can't help but find their attention to detail, novelty and quirkiness impossible to pass by.

Oh, did I mention she does each of these assembalges by hand? Oh, ok now I have your attention. 

To really get a sense of how detailed and spirited these fonts are, check out her anniversary collaboration with Vogue Korea and notice how she got the "flavor" of each design house with nothing but the actual collections they produce. Amazing.

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  1. Holy wow these are amazing!!!




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