Brandy Melville top, vintage pants, vintage Coach bag with scarf, Modern Vice Summer Jetts

Sup, homies?
Perhaps this is the last time I'll be able to wear wool blend pants for a while, the clouds had set in the other day and before the rain arrived, I went out for lunch in this. I've been a little hard on myself when it comes to wearing color because my hair is so bright, but it's been setting into my routine a bit more as the summer starts to creep up on us.

Also, I'm on Teen Vogue today doin' up a beauty tutorial
>> Come on down<<

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A Studio Visit With Bande Des Quatres







God, I love the internet, because after an intro via Instagram, I was able to meet Erin Wahed, the endlessly inspiring mind behind Bande Des Quatres.

I found myself in Erin's wonderfully colorful East Village apartment earlier this week to discuss her design process and get to know how Bande Des Quatres gets its signature look of fine art studio-meets-contemporary fashion jewelry. Erin wears mostly black and white, preferring to wear her amazing, streamlined peroxide blonde hair combed back. She explained that while she enjoys wearing mostly netural colors and graphic lines, she also prefers to surround herself with beatiful colors and textures, a preference that stems out of her roots in the visual realm of photography.

While romping through the velvet boxes containging Erin's entire collections of rings, bracelets and earrings inspired by artists and designers that get her goat, Erin gave me the scoop as to why she's been very selective in how she presents the brand and keeps it from getting too far from its studio roots- a preference that doesn't stray too far from home (A Montreal native, Erin's mom  is none other than renowned jewelry designer Janis Kerman, who has exhibited her works as both jewelry and fine art since the 70's). Working with beautiful precious metals and stones (like tiny rough-cut black diamonds set into gold and silver), Erin has based her nearly surreal and illusionary designs off of artists and designers she loves, like architect Van der Rohe or the students of the Bauhaus like Kandinsky or Paul Klee. Her rings appear to "float" or move through someone's stream of fingers, while her double-backed earrings peek through hair and play off the joys of asymmetry. Erin's work captivates because it ignites an onlooker's sense of curiosity with beautiful simplicity and just the right amount of technical proficiency and craftsmanship.

I could've looked through those boxes foreveverever, and it totally would've been possible for the sheer fact that every piece works beautifully together in layers. Erin says her next collection is going to cover necklaces, but she's still tinkering with her inspirational concepts. It was then, as she listed her possible ideas for what's next that I realized, donned in the BDQ pieces I had been playing with, that I would not mind being covered head-to-toe in anything that came out of Erin's head.

Find BDQ online or at Oak 

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Humid Human






Cheap Monday dress, American Apparel bralette and shorts, Elizabeth and James wedges via Bib+Tuck, Bonlook sunglasses, By Boe x De Lune arrow pendant necklace

Let's just say the buildup to Summer has been a bit all over the place and confusing.
It's been showering and gloomy endlessly for the passed few days now, but before that it was sweltering and humid, hence the lack of layers. The sudden rise in the heat inspired me to go to Pearl River in SoHo and buy a number of fold-up paper fans to carry around with me this summer in case I find myself waiting on a hot subway platform for a while or having trouble finding shade around the city. Not seen here is the last minute adition of a witchy wide-brimmed hat and all-over spray of SPF-One Million. 

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Easy Now



A.P.C. romper, thrifted jacket, Modern Vice boots, Sorrelli cuff

Trying to keep it together as the weather becomes increasingly more humid. NYC is not very kind to my hair in the summer, lemme tell ya.
I've had this romper forever, it reminds me so much of men's workwear with the boxy button-up on top.   Ever since last week's Instax romp at the picnic, I've been getting back into the experimental joys of manual photography like I did back in high school. More to share soon.

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Beatnik Plaid {Gilt x Kate Spade}








Kate Spade pants (exclusive to Gilt), random thrifted sweater, Asos polo neck top, Marc Fisher flats, Foley and Corinna backpack, vintage glasses

Ch-ch-check it out y'all,
Gilt is doing this thing where members can get a hold of Kate Spade's newest collection before it launches in stores starting today, and I was stoked to get the opportunity to style these excellent, epicly plaid pants. Gave them a nod to the beatnik girls who used to roam around the Village in slim-fit pants & menswear mixed in with some simple flats.

Click on over here to get a hold of all the good stuff before anyone else, yo!

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Glitter Strip Nails




American Apparel nail polish in Constellation

I checked out American Apparel's Outlet store in SoHo yesterday to kill some time and I was pleasantly confronted with this polish that immediately took me back to my first nail painting experience when I was like, in kindergarten in 1996. the great thing about this is that you can mess up as much as you want and it'll still look rad.

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Quick Mod



Buffalo jeans, Free People blouse, Vintage jacket & belt, Lauren by Ralph Lauren boots

Really broke out the menswear vibes after acquiring these boots off of Etsy. I'm still on the look out for a really great fitted ankle boot with a stacked heel for everyday, but these are great for channeling out some bowery-hopper vibes. This jacket also had to happen on that account, but any chance I get to wear this thing is gladly taken, because omgz, so many colors.

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Out of Class




Brandy Melville top, vintage pants, Cheap Monday trench and sandals, Foley and Corinna backpack

Basics, basics and more basics.
As the semester is winding down, I've been wearing more ensembles that can easily go from class to out 'n about in the wonderful late-spring weather. I usually hop on the A train and head downtown to grab a coffee or read on a stoop, maybe do some window shopping at Opening Ceremony etc...
I've been all over these Cheap Monday sandal heels, they go with literally everything and they are absolutely perfect for walking around; not too high and incredibly chic in their simplicity.

Once classes are over, I'll be interning at Lulu Frost this summer & helping out with their incredible blog & social media stuff, I can't wait to share my experiences while I'm there, I'm obsessed with their showroom and Lisa Salzer, who is the creative genius behind the brand, is one of the best people to get lost in a conversation with. 'Till then, I'll be schmoozing and trying to get the last of my finals done!

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UNIQLO preview









-Please excuse the derpy phone photos-
Wearin' a vintage pair of overalls, American Apparel crop top (via Bib+Tuck), Katherine Kwei bag, PINK cardigan, and vintage boots

Oh. Yes.
A few weeks back, I had the pleasure of previewing Uniqlo's Spring/Fall collections over breakfast and dying slowly of awesome-overload in the process. Nicola Formichetti is the new creative director of the brand, and he styled a number of mannequins set up according to sub-collection. You've got your men's/women's heattech collection, prints, contemporary looks etc...  and each mannequin had its own intesnsely awesome headdress (very CDG). It was such a pleasant surprise to see such elevated styling for stuff that is so crazy cool and affordable.

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Teen Vogue // Beauty Feature


I call that one on the left "Oh my Gawd/Apply Primer"

So excited to share that I'm on up on Teen Vogue this afternoon for a little beauty tutorial action! I never actually went to my school's prom back in high school (I ended up taking a trip back to NYC to visit my childhood friends that same weekend), but I enjoyed getting dolled up for a prom moment 

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Tri-strap flats by Goldenponies

I haven't been excited by a flat shoe in a VERY long time (I realize it's odd to get all worked up by a flat shoe, but DUDE HOLOGRAM!). If you haven't noticed, I'm an absolute boot-phile and it's been a difficult streak to break until now. One of the reasons why I almost never wear flats is because I'm so gosh darn cold all the time, and flats leave little covered. The other reason is because I need them to be comfortable enough to live in, and believe me these fit the bill.

I've ordered a pair of red tri-straps from Goldenponies before, and they actually got me through last spring/summer quite well. Based out in Mexico, each pair of shoes is hand-made to order by designer Erandi Gutierrez, and it looks like the designer's process has definitely evolved because my last pair took a while to finish (like, 4.5 weeks) and were a little uneven, but these new pieces look totally symmetrical and they only took about 2.5 weeks to get sent over. The hologram upper is beyond amazing and I can't wait to wear these out with more neutral colors in the summer.

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Banana Fish







Meta Ricky


After a bout of absence due to a spell of tonsilitis-induced bedriddenness, I am alive and happy to share a taste of this passed weekend in Brooklyn. Enjoyed a spot of sun with Taylor, Drex, Izzy, Kimi, and a huuuuuge group of new friends. It was a delightful Cinco de Mayo that I was glad to grab on instax. 

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