Tri-strap flats by Goldenponies

I haven't been excited by a flat shoe in a VERY long time (I realize it's odd to get all worked up by a flat shoe, but DUDE HOLOGRAM!). If you haven't noticed, I'm an absolute boot-phile and it's been a difficult streak to break until now. One of the reasons why I almost never wear flats is because I'm so gosh darn cold all the time, and flats leave little covered. The other reason is because I need them to be comfortable enough to live in, and believe me these fit the bill.

I've ordered a pair of red tri-straps from Goldenponies before, and they actually got me through last spring/summer quite well. Based out in Mexico, each pair of shoes is hand-made to order by designer Erandi Gutierrez, and it looks like the designer's process has definitely evolved because my last pair took a while to finish (like, 4.5 weeks) and were a little uneven, but these new pieces look totally symmetrical and they only took about 2.5 weeks to get sent over. The hologram upper is beyond amazing and I can't wait to wear these out with more neutral colors in the summer.

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  1. These are sweet!

    xo Johnnybell

  2. What beauties!

    xo Jennifer

  3. wow they are gorgeous and look great on you! looking forward to seeing them styled :)



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