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It's kind of wildly fantastic to watch a show come together from backstage. It's a long, hectic process in which you observe people transform months and months of preparation into a 15-minute performance.

Now, whenever I find myself backstage at a show, I always feel enormously out of place because unlike the other folks back there, I'm the only person who is shooting for amusement and personal documentation. Everyone else is doing what they do for a living, and you're always in their way. During NYFW, shows take place all over the city, but most are concentrated either uptown at Lincoln Center, or downtown where Milk Studios and the Piers are located (unsurprisingly, the shows downtown tend to be cooler and more experimental). I was grateful Suno took place downtown because the space in which it was held was GORGEOUS and ENORMOUS.

The 'backstage' area was really another floor in a warehouse-y kind of building. As soon as I walked in, I drew a sigh of relief at how huge the prep floor was because I knew I could move out of peoples' way pretty easily. I also don't have a ton of camera equipment or a flash, so I was able to work with the natural light that filled up the space (the photos are kinda a little dark, but ya do with what ya got).

Watching the models transform is such a cool thing to observe too. The girls come in, some rush from other shows, and they take their seats quietly as everyone pokes and prods at their face and hair. The hair they did for this collection was interesting because it looks rather simple, but it was a surprisingly long process that required a ton of curling and many layered pins to get it swept back like that. The makeup was simple and pretty, which helped the clothes stand out with all their maximalist patterns and awesome textures. It's not hard to understand why Erin Beatty and Max Osterweis picked up their CFDA award earlier this year; the clothes had amazing energy, and it was great watching the girls transform into these safari-going beauties.

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  1. These photographs are amazing, you are really great behind the camera!

  2. You are a good photographer.
    Your photos are so attractive and beautiful.
    Love it



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