Asos top & skirt, Preston & Olivia hat (c/o), Foley & Corinna backpack (c/o), Vintage boots, Vera Meat rings & Vanessa Mooney hand chain (c/o)

I get asked pretty often about who takes my photos. Indeed, it's pretty much just been myself and a borrowed tripod for all these years. Usually I'll just wear whatever and then take photos before or after I've worn everything out and about. Now ya know.

I've been madly in love with this Preston & Olivia fedora for a few weeks now. I've been taking special care to prevent the brim from drooping because I love the sort of black halo it creates when I wear it on the crown of my head. To keep the wind from blowing it straight off my head, I'll find myself keeping it more forward when I'm walking, which, when worn with a long coat, makes me look like a faceless figure. Can't help but dig that.

Meanwhile, it continues to get cooler, but I'm still doing the cropped top thing. Loves me some decolletage. I've been drawn to these pieces with sleeves and bare shoulders all year; there's something really old world/new world about them since they kind of reference drawstring chemises from the 16th-18th centuries. Now, these don't have scooped risque necklines like, say, a robe de la francaise, but the attention to the decolletage is awesome. The paired slit skirt and the boots carry-through some turn of the century references that were going through my head. Perhaps it's because I've been taking classes on Colonial New York. We'll see where all this goes.

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