Laundry Day


 Vintage tee and shorts, PINK cardigan, Verameat nameplate bracelet, Doc Martens via Nifty Thrifty

You know what day that happens to be when you look into your closet and realize you have to throw something together from what remains. This ridiculous vintage tee (found by a sleep-deprived me at three in the morning a few weeks back while I was crazily searching the web for sleepless entertainment) is probably one of best things to don while I'm schmoozing around my apartment or doing generally nothing anyway; it's huge, it's cotton, it's destined for greatness. These Docs are my everything right now because I never find vintage Bouncing Soles that are A) Just over my ankle enough and B) In a color that is fun yet not too showy. Gotta thank the folks at Nifty Thrifty for helping me bring these into my life (Hi, guys!)

I think this was thrown together with the self-induced assurance that I could say I was inspired by Mathilda from Léon. Magali Guidasci did the creativley styled costumes for that movie,  but unfortunately the other films she has worked on have been less than stellar. Yikes.

Is it weird that I brought my camera and tripod with me to take care of my hamper contents? Maybe.
Is using said combo a great way to pass the time while yor stuff dries? Definitely.

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  1. Of course you would manage to look fabulous on laundry day :)

    <3 dani

  2. Only you could make the laundermat totally cool lol

    xo Jennifer

  3. You make a laundry look fabulous.

  4. Laundry day!
    I always tell myself that I'll plan everything so that I won't end up wearing the most bizarre clothing on laundry day after running out of clothes...that has yet to happen. Who knows though? Maybe if I just keep repeating it to myself, it'll work out one of these days.

    You, my dear, manage to look so good even on laundry day. Plus, you look like you're having such a blast. Want to come help me have fun on my laundry day? :)
    That vintage tee is seriously some crazy stuff though. I think its wildness manages to go just perfectly with your leopard print cardigan. The funky green Dr. Martens definitely help as well.

    The SEAREX

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  6. HI
    very great this tish vintage.



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