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I could talk about the importance of rings for days.
Rings are probably my favorite kind of jewelry, partially because they enhance your hand gestures and sound cool when you move your hands around, but also because they are particularly ancient as far as the history of design goes. At the end of the day, what is a ring? It is an enclosed circle, no beginning, no end. Accross cultures, the circle is a divine symbol of eternity and endlessness. We wear rings as signs of promises because a ring in itself is never ending, and so, wearing a ring became a gesture of remembering an eternal promise. Now, of course, not all rings worn are signs of promises, and and you can tell from this post, not all rings are rings, but they still have a dimension of importance, so I thought I'd share some of my favorites with a little break-down in layering.

In order of photos presented:
(Worn with Stella & Bow's Tori Amos bangle and "Tina Turner" bracelet and string from a recent gift from a loved one, which I have yet to take off)

(1) My Datter eye ring and Verameat chihuahua ring:
I wear these two every day on my left hand. As longtime readers may already know, I'm particularly fond of eyes and wearing extra ones for good luck. The Datter ring was made in London and I find its slightly alchemical design really beautiful and simple. The chihuahua ring honors my childhood pet, Mitchell, who passed away a few weeks ago. I miss him, but this way I always have a reminder of how he was an important part of my adolesence. I should note that I am particularly fond of bronze rings because, like silver, the more you wear them, the more the natural oils in your hands keep them polished. It's an intersting connection to the material that I really enjoy.

(2) Three chain rings (found on ebay here, or search "thin chain ring") and Madelyn Jade connect ring:
This is a suite I like to wear together when I need "filler" on my other hand. The chain link rings are totally amazing. I really pay attention to the types of chain used in jewelry and these look so chic and clean against anything, totally opulent but only if you look closely. The MJ link ring is amazingly priced, I was looking for soemthing like this ring for the longest time and she came to my rescue. There's something really great about a double ring, it makes your fingers look extra long and elegant but also kind of bionic.

(3) Plukka bullet ring, Cheap Monday triangle ring worn with a vintage art deco ring, vintage onyx ring:
Lots of witchy love here. The Plukka has been a solid piece in my rotation of rings for a bit, I've worn it enough times to almost wear down the (very sharp) points on either end. Made of tungsten and silver, it's nearly a men's ring, which is so cool. The Cheap Monday triangle piece is a great departure from the 'enclosed circle' thing I was discussing earlier, I usually layer it with other rings, which brings me to my lovely lady in the dress ring, which I purchased along with the onyx ring from this woman who only sells vintage rings on the street near the NYU campus for a few weeks in the early summer. She's got the greatest collection I've ever seen, hopefully I'll catch her this year in time to do a post.

(4) Karen London  "Piper" and "Stand Back" rings with ebay chains and onyx:
Loooooves me some KL. Karen London's process is so personal and inspiring, how could I not wear these all the time? I've had the Piper a bit longer, and it looks so ancient and awesome when worn with something a little newer. The Stand Back is supposed to look more like a talon, but I take it more for a standard triangle, which represents stability. I like to think it's a nice gesture to wear it when I'm not feeling too strong.

(5) Vintage Afghan tri-jewel ring worn with a copper Cheap Monday triangle stacker:
Have you ever seen Afghan jewelry? Take a look here, notice how these tend to jut out into space and leave the hand? I looooove this notion of freedom and lush use of materials. This particular find has three stones, two green and one red, and they look really great in the light when you can look right into them. I've worn this with the CM stacker to echo the shape of the three points and reinforce that notion of stability. Stacking is always something to play around with and see what works for your hand,  I always see what fills spaces that the other ring might not. These two tend to go solo on my hand.

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  1. I never put so much thought into rings before. I think it's awesome that you have reasons and stories for pieces of jewelery... it makes them special!

    xo Jennifer


  2. This is a really wonderful post. I think it's so amazing that you put this much thought into what you wear, and the idea that each piece has some sort of meaning and sentimental value really gives me a whole new appreciation for your blog.

    This post can't have been quick to put together, but it was a really great one to read.

    I'm so sorry about your dog, but I'm glad you have something beautiful to remember him/her by.

    What a wonderful post.


  3. I love your vintage rings the best! I am sorry to hear about Mitchell. I never get over my pets, ever.

  4. Very nice rings!

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  6. This was a great post! All these rings are beautiful and it's cool to hear the meaning they share with you.


  7. I also I have a large collection of rings.
    I love your rings and your own hair color

    many kisses



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