Ann-Sofie Back A/W '13


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 photo BACKaw13Lookbook25_zps8969248c.jpg photo BACKaw13Lookbook26_zps756e5afa.jpg

 photo BACKaw13Lookbook10_zpsfa5961a2.jpg photo BACKaw13Lookbook41_zpsdb86766f.jpg

Some selections: Ann-Sofie Back, A/W 2013

Holy HELL this collection is great. Back designed her A/W pieces around notions of construction, utlititarianism, sportswear, and neo-punk streetwear. It's a little all over the place, but I feel likeann it keeps you on your toes and heightens your sense of curiosity when it comes to layering.

See the whole collection here
Runway show here

PS- Please bear with appearances. Still working on the theme, trying to move comments section, remove some superfluous links and align everything...

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  1. Great collection. I really like a holographic accent .

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  5. Great, love to descover new designers I like!

    Would be great if you visit me too,

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  8. oooo I love that harness necklace! so awesome!



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