(Omg Yes) Costume National SS '13 Sunglasses


Images via NYMag

Costume National's Spring '13 collection kind of rocked my world. I'm always most intrigued by the collections and brands that take garments and explore the possibilities of design construction and gesture; because little motifs and gestures can speak volumes about the actual purpose of dress. Inspired by Maurizio Cattelan and Pierpaolo Ferrari's photo journal Toilet Paper, CN's designer Ennio Capasa referenced the act of cutting and appropriating by literally constructing half a jacket or dress and then cleverly attaching it somehow to a pant leg or extending a lapel into a belt-tie. Cummerbunds became belts, peplums into side-pockets and half-strapless tops were affixed to half-vests. 

Anyway, these sunglasses are DOPE. So dreamy and bizarre. I've been a fan of these images for a while, and I really think Capasa did a beautiful job exploring the notion of physical detachment and re-attachment.

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