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They're here!
I'm so excited to share my jewelry collaboration with Brooklyn-based jewelry brand By boe for a 4-piece collection of necklaces.

Designer Annika and I had a sit-down about 4 months back in which we discussed our favorite jewelry shapes and started the process from there. Annika is best known for her amazing wire work, and it was such a great experience sitting down with her on her weathered wooden work table and get to know her through her design process.

I had brought a sketchbook with me to jot a few things down, and while flipping through the pages, we both noticed that I had repeatedly drawn eyes, arrows and infinity symbols throughout almost every page. It hadn't really occurred to me, and although everyone knows I love the look of eyes as amulets, pairing them with such simple, straight-forward and meaningful shapes held a lot of weight. Annika thought the eye and arrow looked great together, and so we decided to create large (eye and oxidized arrow) and small (eye and arrow) versions of the necklaces with the idea that either/or could be mixed and matched. Creating the shapes from sigle pieces of wire completed the idea of infinite possibilites.

I ADORE how the necklaces came out, and I'm so happy to announce that By boe & I are giving away 5 sets of the small third eye and arrow pendant necklaces to some lucky readers!
To be entered, show us some love by Liking By boe & De Lune on Facebook, and then feel free to come back erryday to add to your entries by tweeting, pinning & liking!

Giveaway ends next week on 11/19 so check back every day to add to your entires!!

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  1. It won't let me enter! But these are absolutely gorgeous... but then I love anything eye-shaped.

  2. Beautiful! And i love your white t-shirt!! Where did you get it??!!!

  3. obsessing over that arrow necklace!! so stunning & so easy to layer!!! gorgeous pictures & necklaces!!

    xo. c & v
    cake & valley

  4. Love it!

  5. Dear Claire,
    Ive been following for a whole now, I find your blog great and I love this collaboration, very lucky you!

    come say hello

    your fan from Tel Aviv


  6. amazing giveaway! great collab :) :) the result looks amazing!


  7. These pieces are absolute perfection! Love love love.

    <3 Melissa

  8. Congrats on your collection! I have a feeling it'll do great!!

  9. Congratulations on your collection with By boe, Claire! It must be such an honor :)

    I can't even begin to tell you how fabulous I think your designs are. The eye and the arrow are both so striking and captivating. Though simple, they have something about them that just makes them so fascinating. Simple designs created from single pieces of wire are so beautiful. They're just screaming to be worn with absolutely everything under the sun!

    I made sure to enter the giveaway because I would be INSANELY happy to own one of your necklaces. Best of luck to everyone entering! Even if I don't win, I'll definitely know what to add onto my Christmas list for Santa :)

    Hope you're having a gorgeous week! <3


  10. Yes! The shirt is killer. Please share. Where did you get it?



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