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Vintage romper/cardigan/Oscar de la Renta blouse, Gipsy knee socks, Docs, Pour la Victoire backpack (c/o), Byboe necklaces (c/o)

2 words, man: wool romper.
One of the (few) reasons I like colder weather is that you get to experiment with more fabrics and textures all at once in the attempt to keep warm. I love wool, even when it's itchy & cumbersome because it's a renewable ressource, it's warm as hell and it looks amazing when it's dyed a super bright or deep color. I actually found the romper I'm wearing here way back in September and loved it so much I wore it out of the store (Buffalo Exchange, gotta love it). Unfortunately my excitement gave way to exhaustion (even with the lack of sleeves) in the 80 degree sun. But thankfully now that earlyish Fall is upon us, I'm wearing this sucka out like it's no tomorrow, I already have to replace the buttons though, which is kind of a bummer....

You know what is't a bummer though? This PLV backpack that is killing me with its perfection. I just wanna hang it on my wall with its straps splayed out like a specimen of gawgeousess. I hate to say it since it's all over the place these days, but I LOOOOOOVE that deep burgundy/oxblood color, always have, always will. I'm so glad I can wear it all the time now that I can tote my books to and from school in this bag! I wore this ensemble to my later classes after I goofed around the grounds of my apartment complex.

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Melissa said...

all this look needs is a skateboard and it would be perfect! but seriously, love this look. Just amazing. x

<3 Melissa

Lauren Williams said...

I love the flannel around the waist and the white Docs. Killer look!

x lauren

Oreleona said...

love ur outfit!! esp ur shoes! so cute!

chocolatefashioncoffee said...

love your hair! :)

Bryant Eslava said...

I love this outfit post.
I'm also glad that the 80 degree weather is gone. Love wearing layers on layers.

Z said...

Love the bag


Bri Wang said...

Oh my god, now I'm dying to get a wool romper. Great look!



niki said...

love the look!
~niki <3

FESI-NOIR said...

The first picture is amazing!

xx Fesi-Noir

Tricia said...

I love that color too, but why are we calling it oxblood now? I miss wine/burgundy and I will stick with those names until they come back into fashion.

C.A.R. said...

Cool outfit!

Charles said...

i love the first photo as well...great post!

Alexia Mickens said...

I'm loving winter whites! Did you cut your hair? It looks great!

xx, alexia > In the Meantime

blue roses said...


Tati Reyes said...

You have the cutest hair in the entire world! Oh my gosh!

M. (Faded M Style) said...

Such a cute romper and I love your boots! xo
Best, M.

Christina Marie said...

Love the white Docs!



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